10 Pinterest Marketing Tips Every Marketer Should Know

Are you starting your ecommerce store but is not quite sure where to embark on? Then you must seriously consider social media marketing. It is one of the first and foremost steps that you should be taking in marketing your ecommerce products and brand.

And Pinterest is one of the most relevant social media marketing platforms available. While it is true that Pinterest may not be as popular as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, it absolutely has the potential to connect you with your target audience.

Though less popular, Pinterest is not your average social networking platform. Instead, it is a social discovery platform that helps bring audiences from different parts of the world into direct contact with business entities.

In this article, you will learn ten effective marketing strategies to kickstart and boost your brand’s presence on Pinterest.

But first…

What You Need to Know About Pinterest

To understand more on how you can optimize the use of Pinterest for your business, you must equip yourself with relevant Pinterest statistics that include Pinterest demographics like gender distribution.

Below are some of the noteworthy Pinterest statistics that you need to know:

  • The current monthly active users of Pinterest is 478 million.
  • More than half of all Pinterest users live outside the United States.
  • Out of ten Pinterest users, six are female.
  • More than one-fourth of 28 percent of all marketers worldwide utilize Pinterest for marketing.
  • Of all searches made on Pinterest, 97 percent are unbranded.
  • The top reason people use Pinterest is getting design inspiration and home decor.
  • Out of ten Pinterest users, eight have purchased products based on the brand’s Pinterest content.
  • Pinterest has more than 200 billion pins saved.
  • Of all its weekly Pinners, seventy-seven percent or more than three out of four have discovered a new product or brand on Pinterest.
  • No less than two billion guided and text-based searches are executed on Pinterest every month.

Now that you know some of these relevant statistics, it is time for you to delve deeper into some of the Pinterest marketing tips that every marketer like you should know.

10 Pinterest Marketing Tips Every Marketer Should Know

1. Design a marketing strategy for Pinterest

Before jumping right into Pinterest marketing, you should first draw out a social media strategy intended for Pinterest as you would with any other social media channel. You have to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound) goals.

You do not just want to gain a following on Pinterest. You must aim to drive traffic to your website, draw sign-ups for a certain event, or improve your sales for a certain product.

A marketer like you must know about the general Pinterest audience. Learn the demographic with the greatest probability of using this channel. Know your brand’s specific target audience on Pinterest. Take into consideration of your competitors’ activities on this social media platform. And on your social media content calendar, you must plan and incorporate on-brand content for Pinterest.

After setting a clear Pinterest marketing strategy, you can now start working towards achieving your goals.

2. Pin captivating and engaging content

Since Pinterest is one of the visual platforms, you need to produce engaging and high-quality visual content for sharing to use this platform for your business effectively. Below are some tips to make a captivating Pin:

  • Image and video quality. Avoid pixelation by aiming for the highest or best quality image and video recommended by Pinterest.
  • Vertical aspect ratio. According to data, 82% of Pinterest users browse on mobile. To avoid having awkwardly cropped visual contents, you should shoot using a 2:3 aspect ratio.
  • Tasteful branding. Incorporate your logo in your Pins if it makes sense for your brand and is consistent with your Pinterest marketing strategy. This helps ensure that your brand will not get off course in the Repin shuffle.
  • Text overlay. Take into consideration the inclusion of a headline that helps in reinforcing your visual message.
  • Descriptive copy. Having proper descriptions can help you add context to your visuals, improve SEO, and persuade your audience to click on links.
  • Working links. Remember that broken links cannot help your brand. So, ensure that the link with your pin loads quickly and will not go to a 404 so that your Pinners will have the best user experience.
  • Consistency. Consistently Pinning every day is more effective than having a board filled up at once. By pinning regularly, you are ensured that your content will reach a broader audience.

You can use Hootsuite in scheduling Pins to help your brand remain on top of your content calendar.

3. Use varying Pin formats

Even if Pinterest is a platform for image sharing, it is not solely about photos. So you can mix it up. You can pin a video that encourages Pinners in shopping at your e-commerce store. You can also create a carousel by adding several photos to a Pin.

While it is true that eight out of ten Pinners discover a new product or brand on Pinterest, you must go over and above shopping and promoting your product or brand.

Pinterest is also a source of inspiration to Pinners, where 85% of them say that they come to Pinterest to commence a new project. You can also consider posting inspiration boards or how-to Pins to provide your viewers with valuable and enjoyable content.

4. Plan your board and choose an appropriate theme

Out of all searches on Pinterest, 97% of them are unbranded. Thus, your brand’s boards can help reach new Pinners who are interested in learning particular things or about particular topics.

You must see to it that your Pinterest board should impact users to push for your marketing objectives. To engage with your users effectively, you must choose an appropriate theme that expresses their preferences.

5. Optimize your Pins for SEO

Since Pinterest is a search engine, you must see that your business’ Pins can easily be found in a search! You must include keywords on your boards, hashtags, and your Pins’ descriptions.

Rich Pins are created to pin new content from your business website and avoid content duplication to improve the Pinterest SEO of your brand. You can add rich pins at once to provide more details on the pin itself. Below are the six pins that are available on Pinterest:

  • App Pins. At present, only compatible IOS App pins enable users in “installing” the app without leaving the page.
  • Article Pins. These will direct users to essential information by taking in the headline, story, author, or description.
  • Movie Pins. These pins include reviews, ratings, and cast members to provide information to Pinterest users.
  • Place Pins. With Place pins, you can include maps, addresses, and contact numbers.
  • Product Pins. There will be three options with Product pins: current prices, where to buy, and availability with Product pins.
  • Recipe Pins. You can include necessary information like cooing times, ingredients, and serving details with these pins.

6. Use different Pinterest ads

Using ads is another effective way to market your business on Pinterest. In this platform, advertisers can target ads around location, keywords, age, interests, and other categories and metrics. 

Also, detailed audience targeting enables advertisers to reach particular groups of Pinterest users, which include:

  • Users who have paid a visit to your website.
  • Users who made engagement with your Pins.
  • Users who made engagement with comparable content on Pinterest.
  • A custom list like the subscribers of your newsletter.

From collections to video ads to promoted Pins, Pinterest has various available ad types.

You can also use video ads to generate revenue. In using video ads in your marketing campaigns, the ultimate focus is boosting sales, not views.

Pinterest is considered more a tool for social discovery than a platform for social networking. For instance, a 30-second video with quality video content can increase sales and bring in a user to take note of a brand.

7. Track Pinterest metrics or profile analytics

Take note that your marketing strategy for Pinterest can only be successful if it is data-driven. This means that you have to track, measure, and analyze audience behavior and key Pinterest metrics to help you or your social media managers see what content is a bit less engaging and what content is performing best.

Pinterest lets you know which metrics you need to track and which tools are useful in monitoring them. With this, you can scrutinize which portion of your marketing strategy effectively attracts an audience. The data provided by Pinterest analytics allow you to understand the insights on your audience’s behavior. With its analytics, you can:

  • Study audience behavior and the traffic volume received with the add-on “Save” button.
  • Examine the likes and dislikes of users and other business profiles your users are following.
  • Be notified of professional insights regarding improving clicks, impressions, and saves.

After accumulating these essential data, you can now refine your strategy to achieve better results.

8. Consolidate Twitter or Facebook to your Pinterest account

You can add your Twitter or Facebook account to Pinterest by:

  • Clicking on your profile’s lightning bolt button.
  • Clicking on the option for “Social Networks”
  • Picking Yes to “Connect with Twitter” and also checking “Log in with Facebook”
  • When prompted, you should allow Pinterest to access your accounts.
  • Clicking on “Save settings” when done.

As outlined above, consolidating your existing social platforms with your Pinterest account will not consume more than a few minutes. Incorporating social platforms, you can improve brand visibility by re-marketing your ad campaigns.

9. Upload images in good quality

Make sure that the quality of your images is not less than extraordinary. You can use several tools to ensure that every image you will be using will win over pinners in taking note of your Ad campaigns. If Adobe Photoshop is too complicated for you, there are online banner maker tools that you can try, from making graphic banners to editing images.

10. Publicize your Pinterest profile

Finally, you have to see that your loyal followers from various platforms are aware that you also have an active account on Pinterest. You can promote your Pinterest profile by:

  • Having your Pinterest profile linked to your company website.
  • Incorporating the link in your email signature.
  • Promoting your Pinterest business account across your business’ other social channels.
  • Sharing in the company newsletter the news of the Pinterest profile.


As shown earlier in the Pinterest statistics, you cannot discount the opportunity this platform can provide you especially with its capacity to connect and reach millions of viewers across the globe, more so if your competitors are already using this platform. Keep on updating yourself with the latest Pinterest statistics and demographics so you can pin down and modify the right Pinterest marketing strategy.

Again, you cannot afford to neglect Pinterest marketing for your brand or products. If you want to be ahead of your game and maintain your lead, give these 10 Pinterest marketing tips a try. There’s no better time to start it, but now!

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