10 Top Mobile App Development Companies in Houston

10 Top-rated Mobile App Development Companies in Houston in 2022

There are many innovative mobile application development companies out there, but which ones are the best for your business? In this blog, we will discuss 10 top mobile app development companies in Houston in 2022.

1. Zazz

An organization called Zazz works on developing applications in the Houston metropolitan area. It helps businesses and startups create cross-platform and wearable technology-specific mobile applications and applications for the iOS and Android operating systems. Enterprise mobility, augmented reality, social networks, and messaging are the main topics of its applications. Zazz offers internal services that enable clients to use it as the only vendor on projects and has particular experience serving clients in various industries.

2. AppStudio 

AppStudio creates tailor-made applications for various businesses and is one of the best mobile app development companies in Houston. It focuses on building native apps for iOS and Android platforms and prominently provides specialized programming services to guarantee that apps run smoothly on the device they are hosted on. Additionally, AppStudio provides application repair services, working with clients to identify problems with current apps and put forth workable remedies. Services for web design and development are also offered.

3. Beyond Innovations & Technologies Limited 

A Houston-based company, Beyond Innovations & Technologies Limited, makes mobile apps and offers IT consulting. It creates mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms and mainly uses in-house services to provide an integrated development methodology. Previously, this developer has produced software for clients in the financial and education sectors. Its site design knowledge and e-commerce techniques experience to support its application development services. It is one of the best mobile app development companies in Houston. 

4. Bixlabs 

An application development firm working in the Houston metropolitan region is Bixlabs. With team members knowledgeable in a wide range of coding languages and formats, this developer assists clients in creating mobile and online applications. It also helps with UI/UX design initiatives, assisting clients in producing engaging experiences. Bixlabs offers long-term product management services for applications at every step of the product life cycle and is skilled in product management and strategy. 

5. ChaiOne 

The Houston metro area’s ChaiOne, an application developer, founded in 2008, employs around 75 people with various creative, technical, and business skills. ChaiOne is an expert in building native web and mobile applications incorporating technologies like blockchain, voice, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. ChaiOne is an Apple mobility partner with an emphasis on developing unique software. Extensive design services are also offered to assist clients in developing and maintaining the aesthetically pleasing elements of applications and websites.

6. December Labs

December Labs is a web and mobile design and development company that has been in business since 2014 and serves clients from the Houston metro area and beyond. It collaborates with large corporations and growth-stage startups to scale its teams and provide human-centered, bespoke solutions. December Labs, which has a significant presence in the fields of health, finance, and oil & gas, uses Design Thinking methodologies and offers its expertise in cutting-edge technologies like AR/VR, AI, and machine learning to assist clients in developing applications that could potentially provide novel solutions to current business problems. 

7. Desss 

Desss provides experienced mobile application developers in Houston with over ten years of experience building unique applications for both web and mobile platforms. It has experience developing for the iOS and Android operating systems and offers comprehensive advisory services to assist clients in addressing major problems. Desss also develops enterprise-focused apps and offers e-commerce support to clients in the retail industry for both internal and external challenges. Additionally, this developer provides IT, database, and cloud services. 

8. Informatics Commerce 

A Houston-based company called Informatics Commerce creates applications that are used all across the globe. This developer has expertise in developing software for businesses using automated systems that facilitate sales and exchanges or e-commerce solutions. It creates e-commerce software tailored for mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Additionally, Informatics Commerce has experience with encryption and security measures, which enables it to develop more secure solutions for clients in the retail and financial sectors.

9. Mobisoft 

Houston-based Mobisoft is an ISO-certified mobile app development company. To manage customer experiences, boost productivity, and connect mobile workforces, this developer focuses on business mobility services and collaborates with clients to design applications for primarily mobile platforms. Mobisoft has experience with both native and hybrid platforms on iOS and Android and develops applications for both mobile and the web. Additionally, it offers automated testing and can execute modernization for outdated softwares. 

10. Blockchain Developments 

They provide solutions that are focused on growth, exactly what a business would need right now to stand out in the crowd. Being a modern blockchain development business, they utilise the most recent blockchain technology and possess technological know-how. Its goal is to provide clients with the greatest blockchain solutions while also advancing technology for everyone’s benefit. This firm can create solutions that accelerate corporate growth thanks to their extensive knowledge of cutting-edge frameworks like Hyperledger and Ethereum.


We hope that we have helped you find the 10 best firms to assist you in developing your project. All the above-mentioned firms have great reviews on the internet. And deploying either of these agencies in Houston will result in transforming your business ideas into successful technological assets. If you still have any questions, then feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you with all your mobile app development related queries.

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