How to develop a health tracking app for women?

The mHealth applications market has become increasingly popular in the healthcare industry. Especially after the pandemic, the demand for virtual healthcare solutions has significantly increased and so is the development of such apps. While fitness tracking, disease management, and apps for diet and nutrition have always predominated the market since forever, there are several segments that are emerging to be useful for the users as well as revenue-generating for business owners. One such niche that has been attracting eyeballs is the health tracking apps for women.

Also known as FemTech, these health monitoring apps are expected to grow over 60 billion USD by the end of 2027. FemTech is a broader term encompassing the services that cover the holistic needs of women worldwide. Nonetheless, a lot goes behind the development of a health tracker app for women. Let’s have a look at the insightful steps to building a FemTech app.

Steps to Create a Health Tracking App for Women

Step1 – Analyze the competition 

First things first! It is very important to conduct a comparative study of your contemporaries to create an app that stands out amongst the rest. Study and analyze the already-existing female health tracking apps that have made a mark in the industry. It would be a great help for you to learn from the wins and mistakes of your competitors. Also, take help from your healthcare app developers to understand the technical aspect of the market. 

Step2 – Decide the features to include 

To make an app successful, it is important to take a customer-centric approach. Decide the features as per the women’s needs that render them a hassle-free and secure experience. Include the following features to create the best app for tracking health:

·    Easy onboarding

·    Detailed health profile

·   Monthly period tracker

·   Push notifications

·   Symptom tracking & analysis

·   Shareability of information

·   Integration of reliable data

·   Community or social network

·   Digital consultation

·   Password protection

·   Graphical representation

·   Refer and Earn deals

 Step3 – How to monetize from the health tracking app?     

While healthcare app development companies are building applications with high-end features, it is imperative to integrate features that generate revenue. Have a look at some of the elements you need to incorporate into your FemTech app. 

● In-app purchases– Offer a premium (paid) version of your app where users can avail of exclusive features like profile customization, one on one communication with medical professionals, or just have an ad-free experience.

● In-app advertisements– Integrating in-app advertisement functionality in an app can result in a great source of receiving revenues. However, make sure that you do not stuff too many ads or else the users might not use your app frequently. Keep ads with less duration.

● Paid app – If you have a strong envisioned app idea and it is a niche in the domain, you can strategize accordingly from the start. Also, this option is more feasible in the case of iOS platforms as compared to Android devices.

Step4 – Testing and fixing bugs after development 

A test run is important for every type of app development. Especially in apps for women, there are some elements that should be paid attention to. Make sure that your app solves the following purpose:

● How much time does it take to load or process the data?

● Are the female users comfortable with the interface?

Answering questions like these will assist the iOS and Android app developers in delivering a flawless and one-of-a-kind user experience. Furthermore, the automated tests conducted during the app development stage that the developers perform help in identifying issues and fixing them immediately.

Wrapping Up 

Developing health monitoring apps is an intricate task and you need to hire a reputed mobile app agency. AppStudio is one such app development agency that offers a wide variety of app development services indulged in developing FemTech apps that are instant hits on Google Play and App Store. They have a talented and experienced team of developers who build custom-built mHealth apps while aligning with your business goals. They develop intricate healthcare apps by employing powerful technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Blockchain and much more. If you wish to create women’s health tracking apps, connect with them to know more. 

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