4 Benefits of Using Construction Loading Platforms

Scores of people dream of living in the beautiful penthouses and highrises in Australia. These coveted living spaces are products of months of planning, hard work, and world-class raw materials and equipment.

Construction jobs and equipment might look rough, but they are responsible for creating these marvels. These days, construction managers are well aware of the latest technology used in project sites, making working a lot easier and faster. One of these technological marvels is the loading platform.

While most construction managers hire one from a reputed construction equipment rental company, you can also purchase one if that is what you want. Loading platforms have taken the construction industry to a new level by making transporting heavy materials easier and safer.

There are several more reasons why major constructors are always looking to hire loading platforms for project sites.

What is a Loading Platform?

As the name suggests, a loading platform is a flatbed surrounded by safety rails or covers that can move horizontally or vertically over a large area. These platforms are mostly used in construction sites to transfer or shift materials vertically at different levels of an under-construction building or horizontally over the project site.

Transporting equipment and materials with the help of loading platforms is safe, easy, and quick and does not require too much workforce. All loading platforms come with safety harness points, allowing materials to be stacked vertically without the worry of them rolling and falling out. You can also secure equipment to the harness points while transporting them from one level to another on a loading platform.

Safety and security of raw materials and construction equipment help save construction companies money and time and minimise labour engagement that can be used elsewhere.

There are two types of loading platforms:

Retractable Loading Platform:

This features a drawer-like platform that can be pulled forward and retracted back after loading and unloading materials.

Fixed Loading Platform:

As the name suggests, the platform does not come with wheels for drawer-like functionality. The platform is fixed in one place and is used in construction sites where retractability is not required. This platform is more compact and is mostly used in smaller construction projects with limited working space.

Benefits of Using Construction Loading Platforms at Worksites

Easy Transportation for Heavy Materials and Bulky Equipment

Project site managers and construction companies frequently hire platforms from construction equipment rental companies for building multi-storey structures.

Without loading platforms, the workforce will have to rely on cranes or lift to transport bulky material to different levels of the structure. Cranes and lifts require assembling and need to be safer for moving heavy materials. Engaging the workforce to do the same would not only tire them out but will slow down the work considerably.

Additionally, asking the workers to carry heavy materials would compromise their safety and can result in unfortunate accidents while moving through unstable work areas. A fixed or retractable loading platform would negate these possibilities as you can load it up with all the materials to carry it to the upper levels. Operating a loading platform is easy and requires only an operator to maneuver the machine.

Contributes to the Safety of The Workers​

Apart from the quick and easy transportation of heavy materials and equipment, the loading platform is also essential for the safety of the construction staff. The workers are the backbone of any construction project and must be protected at all costs.

A loading platform not only spares them from carrying impossibly heavy construction materials but also gives them a safe place to stand on the deck while unloading the items. The harness points on the platform keep them from falling off or slipping on wet surfaces.

Easy to Use

Loading platforms can be managed and operated by a single person. The mechanics are easy to understand, and it takes just a couple of minutes to get familiar with the functions, buttons, and levers. If your staff operates it, they will not need to undergo special training to familiarise themselves with the system.

It is Safer to Work in Multi-Storey Construction

This is an important reason for hiring loading platforms from construction equipment rental companies. Multi-storey construction projects come with many safety hazards, like accidental falls.

All loading platforms come with safety harness points where the worker can secure himself while moving up and down with the materials. This way, they will be safe from falling off a high surface.

In Conclusion

Construction loading platforms make work easier, faster, and safer. This equipment increases efficiency and productivity at the worksite. Contact your local construction equipment rental company today if you want a high-quality loading platform.

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