4 Features That the Best Checking Accounts in New York Offer

A checking account is a common element in the financial lives of most people. Paychecks are deposited and bills are paid using checking accounts, so almost everyone needs one. 

Most people utilize their checking accounts daily, from grocery shopping to spending money and traveling. It’s a safe place to park your money and gain access whenever you need to. When it’s time for you to open a checking account, you’ll want to find one that offers multiple features. 

While you’ll likely find many options, there are 4 features that the very best checking account New York always offers. Look for these specific features when it’s time to open your own personal checking account. 

  1. Ability to Earn Interest

When you need to park your money somewhere and still have regular access to it, a checking account is your best bet. Many checking accounts do not earn interest but a few in New York do. Choose a checking account that will allow your money to earn interest while it’s parked. You should not have to choose between earning interest and having access to your money

Many banks only offer interest on savings accounts and other products while some will allow you to earn interest with a large minimum balance. You should not have to maintain a huge minimum balance to earn interest on your checking account. The best checking accounts in New York will allow you to earn interest on your checking account without requiring a huge minimum balance. 

  1. Cash Back

The best checking accounts in New York will also offer you some cash back options. Whether you earn cash back rewards, get ATM credits, or there are no monthly service charges should be up to you. Depending on the account you choose, there may be no overdraft or service charges. There should be multiple options to suit your specific financial needs and your lifestyle.

Banks should be a safe place to park your money, not large entities that take your hard earned cash. The greatest checking accounts in New York will offer cash back options for you to choose from so that you can have a checking account that suits your specific needs

  1. Online or Mobile Banking

These days online or mobile banking is almost a necessity, and you should not have to pay for it. The best checking accounts will offer you secure online access around the clock. This should allow you to view your balance, transfer money, and even make mobile deposits when you can’t make it to the bank. 

Many people have hectic schedules and don’t want to visit the bank every time they need to make a transaction. Secure online banking is a convenience that should be available on all the best checking accounts. It is a tool that allows you to maintain your account and even choose paperless statements to reduce waste.

  1. No Minimum Balance

When you’re looking for a great checking account with features that will benefit you, choose one that requires no minimum balance. Life is crazy and sometimes circumstances can be expensive. The last thing you should worry about is an extra charge because you’ve dipped below the minimum balance.

Choose a checking account that was designed for you and does not require a minimum balance to avoid additional charges. Some banks require a minimum balance before they can offer great features like cash back. Unfortunately, not everyone can maintain a large minimum balance, but they shouldn’t be denied great benefits.

The most coveted checking accounts will offer great features without requiring a minimum monthly balance. Everyone deserves access to features like cash back and mobile banking regardless of how much they keep in their checking account. Fortunately, there are some banks who understand this and design accounts that can benefit anyone. 

Open a Great Checking Account Today

When it’s time to open a checking account, choose one that offers the right features to suit your lifestyle. The best checking accounts in New York offer no minimum balance, online banking, and some type of cash back rewards in addition to earning interest on your balance. Not all checking accounts can offer these incredible features. When you find one that does, it’s likely that the bank who offers it values your business. Take the time to open a great checking account with these specific features today.


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