5 Benefits of Virtual Team Building

Remote work, despite being relatively normal at the moment, is still somewhat controversial, especially among tech juggernauts. It’s funny, when virtual meetings and remote work environments became popular, the biggest concern was Zoom system requirements for virtual background. Now, company executives like Elon Musk argue that remote work is not as practical or effective for big business.

Regardless of studies that counter the claims of frustrated executives, there are many reports that virtual environments are equivalent to in-person ones when discussing productivity. Also, many workers feel more satisfied in remote positions.

That said, virtual team building is essential to employee satisfaction and productivity. Virtual environments take work and practice to get right, but with effort, a business will experience several benefits.

1. Allows Team To Connect Personally

One complaint about virtual environments with the best Google Meet background is the disintegration of corporate culture. Companies feel employees do not connect with the brand when they work from home.

While team members work remotely, a company can still encourage corporate culture through virtual team building. For example, Escapely offers fun activities for employees to collaborate and solve problems, encouraging discussion and creating personal connections. This is a great way to take a step away from work projects and build in-house culture.

2. Prevents Work Fatigue

Team building also helps prevent worker fatigue. Despite what some executives suggest, remote workers put in more time on projects than they would in the office. For example, many remote workers work instead of commuting or eating lunch.

While the extra time is good for employers, it can lead to employee burnout. A well-timed team-building exercise can provide a necessary break. Also, you can use the opportunity to encourage company culture by using a virtual background with logo for the event.

3. Break Cycle of Loneliness

One problem that is a genuine threat to remote work is the cycle of loneliness. Many people miss working alongside coworkers and clients. For some, the office is the only place they socialize.

Team-building exercises in the virtual environment can help eliminate feelings of loneliness. Having your team connect and interact in a virtual meeting provides an opportunity for rapport and bonding.

It is best to encourage participation. Sometimes, an employer might want to make Zoom meetings mandatory.

4. Builds Collaboration Skills

Remote work can be lonely, and it can wear down teamwork. Many remote workers prefer to work alone, but company projects rarely rely on one person.

Team building is about encouraging collaboration and trust. It is best to develop such skills in an environment with low stakes. By building cooperation with games or other activities, you can feel confident in your team’s ability to work effectively together during actual client projects.

5. Improves Communication Skills

As with collaboration skills, team building is about improving and practicing communication skills. Most remote teams do most of their communication through email. Team members must know how to write clear communications without offending each other.

Team building can encourage open dialogue and allow people to learn more about one another. Knowing your teammates can also improve email decorum, ensuring ideas are communicated clearly and respectfully.

Remote work is effective, but teamwork is a challenge. Work with a remote work specialist to learn more about team building and its many benefits.

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