5 Easy Tips for Halloween This Year

We know that it’s been a long year and half and you’re probably just trying to adjust to our new normal. With Halloween around the corner, you may be planning for a party or simply putting together your kids’ costumes. We can help. Instead of stressing, simplify your Halloween this year with these easy tips:

Keep the costumes simple

If you’re the kind of person who typically loves to go all out with costumes, maybe this year it’s okay to keep things easy-peasy. Whether you’re hosting a virtual party or plan to do some socially-distanced trick-or-treating, your costumes can be simple but still impressive. From witch costumes to ghost costumes, some of the most traditional Halloween outfits can be amazing.

Decorate with easy décor

Whether it’s Halloween balloons spread around the house or you carve out some pumpkins, your décor doesn’t have to be the most complex and scary décor on the block. If you’re throwing a Halloween party for kids, keep it simple with easy Halloween décor, whatever that means for you.

You can make a quick run to the dollar store and pick up balloons and cheap Halloween decorations. If you enjoy crafts, consider working on some Halloween crafts with your kids. After all, Halloween is a holiday to be enjoyed by the whole family, so why not make the decorating aspect of it a family affair?

Buy goodies from the bakery

Do you want to throw a Halloween party but don’t feel like baking any goods or preparing Halloween foods? No problem—instead, consider ordering some cookies and treats from a local bakery. A lot of them have fun with treats for the holiday, so if you’re doing a last-minute party, this could be a solution for you.

In fact, you could even check out options at your local grocery store, as grocery stores typically offer a wide variety of pre-made appetizers and snacks. And, while you’re at it, get some candy for any trick-or-treaters who may pass by your home.

Hire a face painter

If you want to dress up but don’t want to spend a lot of money on costumes, consider working with a face painter on your Halloween costume. While they will cost something, you can have the versatility of being whatever character you’d like, without having to worry about finding the right mask or outfit at the store or online.

Browse face painting options in your local area: you’re bound to find some amazing artists who have the skill to make you look amazing. From Spiderman to Aquaman, there are so many characters that a face painter can bring to life.

Do something fun at home

With the threat of Covid-19 still looming large and life busier than usual, it could be a challenge to come up with things to do for Halloween. In that case, there’s nothing wrong with planning some Halloween fun for you and your kids to enjoy at home.

Whether you watch Halloween flicks on a streaming service or you tell spooky stories over a campfire, your Halloween 2021 can be a simple affair with your loved ones while still being as fun as most Halloween parties you’ve attended.

Do something fun at home

In Conclusion

If you want to make sure your kids have fun and you do as well, keep it simple. While fancy costumes and huge parties can be a blast, don’t stress if you’re busy and have a lot going on. These easy tips can help you have a good time, dress up, and enjoy good food, without all the hassle. There will be more Halloweens to come, so consider keeping it simple this year.


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