5 fantastic trip ideas from Baltimore City

On the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay, is one of the largest
and most beautiful cities in the United States – the city of Baltimore. This “inconspicuous”
but very interesting city attracts over 230,000 tourists from all over the world each year.
Before leaving for Baltimore, create a detailed travel planner. Arriving tourists can book
rooms in local hotels, and go on road trip around the city in their own caravan for tourists
(there you can also spend the night) or using van rental Baltimore, you can do it quickly,
safely and cheaply with various of services available in the region.
Today the city is one of the largest industrial centers with a major city port, through which
more than 40 million tons of goods worth more than $60 billion are transshipped each year.
We’ve prepared for you the 3 best trips around the city of Baltimore in your own campervan.
The Baltimore road trip will be the most exciting you’ve ever been on!

3 best trips around the city of Baltimore:

One of the best things about Baltimore is how easy it is to take a day trip to other great
places around the city during your extended stay. On the other hand, the surrounding area
and wider state of Maryland is home to some of the most beautiful countryside in the United
States, including coastline and vast, sweeping National Parks.



The charming waterside city of Annapolis is a mere 30 minutes from the city limits of
Baltimore and is the perfect place to spend a day exploring one of the prettiest urban areas
found anywhere in the state of Maryland. Annapolis is a cultural and historical hub, bursting
with fascinating colonial destinations and stories which make it an ideal place for history
buffs looking to learn more about America in its infancy. Eastport in Annapolis is a place unto
itself, with yachts, art galleries, residents, spas, and restaurants. The bridge into Eastport
takes travelers from downtown Annapolis into the neighborhood.
Whether you want to spend a day relaxing in nature or you want to learn more about the
history of the United States, Annapolis is the place to go!

Inner Harbor

Tourist guides identify the city and surrounding area as one of Maryland’s largest scientific
and cultural travel destinations. So, the first place of our trip will be the Inner Harbor, the
main symbol of the city, which is a kind of “lighthouse” for travelers. The first place worth
visiting right away is the city’s National Aquarium, which features more than 600 species of
exotic fish and other marine life. Also worth a visit is the city’s Maritime Museum, which
features a variety of ship models from the history of seafaring.

Ocean City Trip

In good traffic, the Ocean is about a two and a half hour drive from Baltimore. Splash around
in the water, stroll up and down the boardwalk, and pig out on seafood galore. There’s nothing quite like a weekend trip in OCMD. Catch the rays Downtown by the Boardwalk and
grab a slice at The Dough Roller between waves! Or bring your crew Uptown to spread out
for a cornhole match and a relaxing read. Wherever you lay your towel down in the sands of
OCMD, there’s never a bad view.

Vernon Peak

The next point of the road trip is Vernon Peak, the mountain on which the futuristic Art
Museum is located. On the way to the museum, you can stop at Patterson Park, and from
there it’s a 10-minute drive in your own car to the Peabody Conservatory. A monument to
George Washington and many other interesting historical figures can be seen on the grounds
of the conservatory.

Maryland Science Center

Tourists who plan to sightsee Baltimore City as a family should definitely visit the Maryland
Science Center. The center is a large complex that houses the Dinosaur Museum and the
Planetarium. The Dinosaur Museum is a good opportunity to see how life evolved on Earth
by touching the “oldest history of life” of our planet. Be sure to visit the Baltimore
Planetarium, because here you can look through a telescope at the distant stars and planets of
the solar system and learn about other planets.
Many readers of literature tend to visit the city of Baltimore to see the grave of the famous
writer, poet, and playwright Edgar Allan Poe. In general it can be said that the city of
Baltimore is primarily a city for lovers of books and ships. After road trip activities in
Baltimore, be sure to make a travel plan from Baltimore to the neighboring cities of
Washington, D.C., and Annapolis

In conclusion

It is no doubt that a beautiful State of Maryland has a lot to offer for the tourists, including the
best spot to head of from – Baltimore City. So, do not hesitate when picking this city for your
next road trip!
We have listed some of the best Baltimore day trips, including some of the usual suspects
mixed with some lesser-known places. All of the day trips are within three hours or less.
Make the most of being in Baltimore and end your day with a night out at one of the many
progressive, trendy nightlife spots dotted around the neighbourhood.





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