5 Impressive Reasons to Move to Colorado

If you’re considering moving to Colorado, you’re in good company: Colorado is ranked the most desirable state to live in, with 56% of survey respondents wanting to move there.

For many, moving to Colorado would be a dream come true. There are several great reasons to move to Colorado that make this the perfect place to settle down for almost any American family.

Find out what makes the Centennial State so desirable.

Variety of Scenery

When you think of your next home, what environment do you imagine? Do you see yourself in the big city or a charming small town? Do you prefer being in the trees, or in the mountains?

No matter what you prefer, Colorado offers it. From stunning mountain views to bustling cities, there’s a variety of environments and types of scenery.

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Outdoor Fun

Colorado is a playground for those who love the great outdoors. Rather than paying for a gym membership, many locals take advantage of the outdoor activities available to stay fit and healthy.

Colorado is the perfect place to go skiing, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, or horseback riding.

Or, if you prefer a simple morning run around the neighborhood or a weekend bike ride with the family, you aren’t alone. As the healthiest state in the country, you’ll likely see many of your neighbors doing the same.

Great Weather

In Colorado, it’s almost always sunny. This is part of what makes the Centennial State perfect for an active lifestyle.

However, that doesn’t mean the weather forecast is repetitive. From one day to the next, the weather can change drastically.

You can also expect to experience all four seasons while living in Colorado. That means powdery mountains in the winter and beautiful greenery in the spring and summer.

Strong Local Economy

If you’re looking to earn money, Colorado may be one of the best states to settle down in.

It’s currently ranked number two in the country for good local economy. This is based on employment opportunities, business environment, and economic growth.

There are also several large companies based in Colorado, such as Macy’s and Coor’s. This makes Colorado a great place to look for your next job.

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Cultural Experiences

When you get tired after hiking or skiing, Colorado has many opportunities to recharge with cultural experiences.

From food to museums to breweries, enjoy soaking up the local culture and lifestyle.

And though it may not be for everyone, Colorado is known as being one of the most cannabis-friendly spots in the country. While it may still be taboo in your home state, marijuana is practically embedded in the local Colorado culture.

Plan Your Move to Colorado

There are several great reasons why Colorado is the most desirable state in the US. Plan your move to Colorado to start enjoying nature, job opportunities, a rich local culture, and much more!

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