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5 Things You Should Do Before You Sell Your Home

In the US, the average home takes over two months to sell, with some taking several months before finally finding a buyer. And when you’re trying to sell your home and find a new house, every day counts.

There are several actions you can take before selling your home to help the process go much more quickly. Here are five things you should do to help you prepare.

1. Find the Best Real Estate Agent

To sell your home, it’s crucial that you choose a real estate agent who fits your unique needs.

Review different options in your area, and find out what programs and conditions they offer. For example, if you’re looking to buy a new home nearby, you may want to work with the same real estate agent when selling and buying your home. Some realtors, like Searchnwa.com, offer specials such as selling your home for free when buying a new one.

You should also choose a realtor who is experienced in selling homes like yours. They should have extensive knowledge of the real estate market, and they should suggest a selling price that is realistic.

A good realtor will also offer extra advice on how to sell your home, such as how to stage your home in the best way.

2. Clean and Declutter

When selling your house, you shouldn’t forget to clean and declutter the interior.

Prospective buyers have to be able to imagine themselves living in your home. That’s why it’s important to remove personal belongings like family photos and unique decor. Keep your home looking as neutral as possible.

Buyers also need to see the space clearly, so declutter extra junk that may be blocking their view. Rooms should feel clean, airy, and spacious.

3. Don’t Forget the Exterior

Curb appeal is key when selling your home. If the exterior of your home is appealing, people are more likely to assume the interior is too.

Don’t drive them away with dead plants or damaged shingles. Make any necessary repairs on the outside of your home, and clean up the front yard. Add tasteful porch decorations, as well as colorful plants. Also, make sure that the landscape is healthy and well-maintained.

4. Schedule a Home Inspection

Many buyers will want a home inspection done before they buy a property. Get a head start by scheduling a home inspection before even listing your home. Then, you know if there are any issues that you may be required to pay for later.

This gives you a chance to make any renovations or repairs in advance. And it also shows potential buyers that you have nothing to hide, building trust and helping you to secure a sale on your home quicker.

5. Prepare Necessary Paperwork

When selling your home, you must gather several documents that you’ve likely filed away and forgotten.

Prepare them before selling your home to make the home selling process much smoother. These documents include your deed, insurance documentation, mortgage paperwork, appliance documents, and tax records.

Be sure to discuss what to prepare with your real estate agent. And be sure to dig up these important papers as soon as possible to prevent any delays in selling your home.

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Get Ready to Sell Your Home

There are several important steps you must take before you sell your home. Taking these steps sooner, rather than later, can help make the home selling process much quicker and smoother.

Then, you can start dreaming of your new life in your next home.

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