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7 Snow Day Activities to Do With Your Kids

You can turn a snow day into family time with these fun ideas.

There are health benefits of allowing children to play outside. Outdoor play gets them away from screen time, expands their creativity, and allows them to get some extra Vitamin D. When you join them, it can create happier memories.

Keep reading to learn more about fun things to do on cold days. The following will help you create happier memories with your children. Here are seven snow day activities.

1. Build a Snowman

When the snow is moist and packable, you and your kids can create balls big enough to form a snowman on a flat surface. When you’re done, you can add a scarf, hat, button eyes, stick arms, and a carrot nose.

2. Make Snow Candy

You and your children can grab fresh snow and freeze it while you boil maple syrup over medium-low heat. When the candy thermometer reads between 235 and 245 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll pour two tablespoons over thin lines of snow, then pull the strips out and eat them while they’re warm.

3. Have a Snow Ball Fight

Your family can grab snow and pack them into snowballs for a battle. Remember to choose a safe word in case someone gets hurt.

4. Make Snow Angels

Your kids and you should find deep snow and lay on your backs. Extend your arm straight and move them and your legs to create perfect snow angels on the ground.

5. Go Sledding

You can find a safe, cleared, snow-covered hill to go sledding with your children. Remember to always go down the hill with your feet first and avoid dangerous areas near streets or trees.

6. Make Snow Volcanoes

Build a volcano around a jar filled with white vinegar, a little dish soap, and some food coloring. When you’re ready to watch it erupt, add a tablespoon of baking soda and mix. This should create a fun effect your whole family can enjoy together.

7. Develop an Outdoor Obstacle Course

You and your children can spend some time building an obstacle course that includes sledding, climbing a snow mountain, playing snow basketball, and other activities. Remember to choose things that are safe for all ages and are easy enough to clean up. These can be fun for toddlers and older children to play on.

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After a Snow Day

When the snow day has come and gone, you’ll need to start thinking about how to make your walkways and driveway safer. Too many accidents occur due to people not eliminating the risk of ice. Residential snow removal services can help you clear the dangers and avoid issues.

Create Happier Moments Today

Knowing how to have fun with your kids can have a lasting effect on your family. Now that you’ve learned about snow day activities, you’ll enjoy the cold more. You can use what you read today to create happier moments.

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