The Homeowner’s Renovation Guide to Modern Windows

If you’re looking for the next home renovation project to boost your house’s curb appeal, it’s a good time to start reassessing your windows.

Modern windows are a big deal right now, both in size and popularity. With some thoughtful upgrades to your home, you can take advantage of current trends to transform your house into a true showstopper.

Let’s look at how you can apply modern window styles and in-demand designs to revamp your home’s aesthetic.

Modern Window Style

Simple and rectangular are appropriate descriptions for contemporary window designs. But the function is just as vital for many people, so you’ll still see classic double-hung windows across several rooms in modern homes.

More dealers are moving to upgraded window designs that fit today’s styles. Some window services, like Mr. Rogers Windows, have created a niche out of the various designs that will be in vogue for the foreseeable future. Here are a few window styles to consider for your modern update.

Casement Windows

Casement windows swing out on a hinge on the side. Older European styles would feature a wooden grid pattern, but the newer styles remove pane separators for an unobstructed view. They’re affordable and easy to install, a quick way to add ventilation, and contemporary looks for kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.


The top-hinge equivalent of casement windows, awning windows are usually more wide than tall. The ease of installation and use is similar to casement windows, but you get the added benefit of a rain blocker since it swings at the top. If you need ventilation at all times, such as the bathroom and kitchen, awnings are a great window replacement option.

Transoms and Sidelights

If you don’t have the structure or budget to enlarge a window, transoms and sidelights are popular methods of bringing in more light.

A transom is a window located above a door or another window, separated by a solid wall strip. It works well if you can’t remove entire walls, and they’re clever additions to bring in light at any opportunity, such as above kitchen cabinets.

Sidelights, also spelled sidelites, are like transoms, but instead of going over doors, they set to the side. They are usually tall, narrow windows flanking a door and extending from floor to ceiling.

Traditional sidelights are usually gridded for more traditional arrangments, and you’ll often see a domed transom accompanying them. For a modern look, opt for a thin-framed picture look. To make an even better impression, some homeowners are using casements for movement and function.

Trending Designs

Simplicity still reigns supreme in most modern home designs, and you can see that built into the windows. Modern styles are still built around geometric designs and minimalist lines.

In many ways, magnifying the window’s purpose is the point of modern trends. You’ll see minimalist trim, fewer window grills and soft treatments, and a healthy focus on conveying light.

Dark Frames

Contrasting and bold dark window frames make a striking statement both inside and out. From the inside, black window frames are eye-catching but versatile enough to work with any color palette or decor.

As bold as they are, dark frames push the modern style by removing the need for highlighted window treatments. With brighter and broader color palettes starting to come back, you can move from black to deep reds, greens, navy blues, and more.

Wide Expansive Windows

Large windows that span from floor to ceiling and wall to wall are a chic upgrade for dining and living rooms if you want to expand the space. From an outside view, a large yet simple picture window adds an air of high-end elegance to a home’s curb appeal.

If picture windows aren’t for you, installing sliding glass doors to patio areas and decks is another great way to invite the outside in. You just have to make sure you want that outside to come in. Windows make the outdoors part of your decor, so you may need to invest in extra landscaping if larger windows will expose some eyesores around the yard.

Large windows aren’t for looks alone. They’re an energy-efficient route for bringing light and heat into a room.

Natural light not only makes a room and its colors more attractive. It has several health benefits to boot. Bathing a room in bright natural light is an excellent stress reducer, and it keeps you energized and productive.

As a side note, fixed picture windows lack ventilation. To make up for this, homeowners can flank the picture window with smaller casement windows. Or, if you’re feeling daring, the whole picture window could be a casement.

Steel Windows

Large windows are trending, but window support is not. Fixed windows are more popular, with a simple exterior frame and zero sashes, mullions, or muntins.

With less grid to impede the view, that also means that all of the weight of the window is on the frame. Wood and aluminum frames can’t hold up to the stress, especially if you want heavy-duty and energy-efficient windows with extra glazing.

Steel windows are strong, durable, and long-lasting. And because they’re so strong, you can follow yet another trend of modern windows using thinner frames that draw less attention.

Window Benches and the Modern Bay Window

Although many homeowners don’t include it on their must-have lists, any home will get brownie points if it features a bay window. They increase sightlines to make rooms larger, and they let in a huge amount of light as the sun moves across the sky.

Modern bay windows can feature thinner supports between panes, and walls at 90-degree angles add an ultra-modern flare. Lighter windows and frames create an aquarium-like feel.

Along with the bay windows comes the renewed desire for benches. While they’re often a decorative feature, benches always add extra seating and storage potential.

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Are You Ready for Modern Windows?

Modern windows enhance your home’s exterior design and bring beauty and delight into any room. They’re ultra-functional and clean, making them a safe, timeless approach you’ll appreciate well into the future.

Take a look around your home and see where an updated window can benefit your home. And once you make the switch, be sure to follow us for more creative tips and advice for your next home remodel project.

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