TOP 5 Regions to Invest in Real Estate in Turkey to Get Citizenship

The Republic of Turkey is in great demand among foreigners as a place to invest their assets and permanent residence. Thanks to the comfortable climate, stunning architecture, mentality, and colorful culture, this country offers excellent opportunities for investors who want to get a cherished document. 

You should contact a proven company to participate in the program for second citizenship by investment. An Immigrant Invest specialist Zlata Erlach will provide you with all the information you need to invest in real estate quickly and without unnecessary complications. In addition, you will learn about the top and best regions for making monetary transactions in housing will be discussed later in this article.

Turkey citizenship by investment program

The realization of dream of an applicant who set a goal to get turkey citizenship by real estate investment can come true in several ways. He can choose the most appropriate method for him to participate in the program, which corresponds to his budget and the desired result: 

  • investing $500,000 worth of money;
  • purchase of bonds of the country, the value of which is half a million U.S. dollars;
  • open a business where the number of staff will not be less than 50 people.

The above assets can also be paid in European currency or Turkish Lira. Furthermore, the investor’s close relatives can automatically become participants in the program if the investor wishes.

Istanbul: The City That Connects Two Continents

Istanbul is considered a comfortable and colorful city located on two continents simultaneously in Europe and Asia. Therefore, choosing this area for real estate investment in Turkey, you can afford to enjoy the unique cuisine, the Bosphorus, and the unique scenery. Moreover, thanks to the many construction projects, an investor can choose where to invest his money, and as a result, he will become a legal citizen of Turkey. 

There is also a chance to buy a plot of land and dispose of it as the investor considers appropriate. As for expenses, the cost of the property should not be less than $ 400,000. However, it is worth noting the main advantage. In addition to the desired passport, it is a chance to visit countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, and Iceland. 

Antalya: The Jewel of the Mediterranean

It is a rather famous region for spending your vacations among locals and tourists. People come here from around the world to enjoy the fresh sea air and the majestic mountains. Here the real estate is not much cheaper than in the capital. It is all due to its location in the south of Turkey. The climate is warm all year round, allowing the investor to regularly enjoy a place to rest and a comfortable environment for meetings with business partners. 

It is possible to buy a house at the seaside or finance a venture capital organization to participate in the program, which provides for obtaining a turkish passport by property investment. CBI specifies in the investment requirements from the applicant the amount of half a million U.S. dollars or the equivalent of the local currency. 

Izmir: A Cosmopolitan Coastal City

It is a unique place with pristine beaches, numerous attractions, and a vibrant nightlife for young people. It is often called the “Pearl of the Aegean”. Here you can invest your assets in tourism, which will give you a coveted passport and provide additional income for your business activities. In this city, you can find the unique property type, which is so attractive to customers: 

  • apartments;
  • villas;
  • mini-hotels;

By completing the purchase and sale transaction, owners can go through the entire process on simplified terms in just three weeks and enjoy a high standard of living with magnificent scenery.

Bursa: A Blend of History, Culture, and Modernity

The region is famous for its well-developed agricultural industry and plenty of attractions. Those who want to buy real estate or finance the market in the area can be confident in the future. Many tourists visit Bursa every year, which can bring a good income for owners of residences or businesses.

The main advantage of the investment is the affordability of houses, apartments, and private villas.

Ankara: The Capital City with Promising Real Estate Prospects

Turkey’s capital city is considered a favorite tourist destination, with countless museums, mosques, monuments, and more. The real estate market here is much cheaper when compared to Istanbul. If the investor wishes to live in a metropolis but does not have great financial resources – Ankara will be an excellent place for it.

It is an excellent place to develop your economic activity and find many promising deals and business partners.


You should apply to the well-known company Immigrant Invest, which employs leading experts in the field of investment, to participate in the program to acquire Turkish citizenship. It is here where you can realize all your goals and wishes, dedicating a minimum of time and effort to the application and collection of all documents. 


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