5 Must-Have Real Estate Technology Tools That Every Top Agent Needs In San Francisco, CA

It’s no secret that San Francisco is at the heart of technology and innovation. With tech embedded in every aspect of life in the San Francisco Bay Area, it makes sense that real estate marketing needs to show off its tech side. Real estate agents in San Francisco who don’t use technology tools may get left behind. With an endless amount of new tech available, it can be hard to know which additions are crucial to help agents get ahead. These are some of the five must-have real estate technology tools that top agents are swearing by, to sell homes fast in San Francisco.

Websites that tell stories

A web presence for a real estate listing is a must-have, but when it comes to a successful listing, storytelling is how top agents are taking it to the next level. Effective real estate websites sell experiences, such as hosting parties in a spacious backyard, or preparing meals in a chef-ready kitchen. Tech comes in with videos, slideshows and even virtual walkthroughs and audio to present an interactive experience.

Virtual assistants and tours

Virtual is one of the biggest tech trends that real estate agents are embracing. It began during the COVID-19 pandemic when in-person showings weren’t possible. While in-person is now possible, hosting tours, whether live or on-demand, give potential buyers the option to view homes without traveling anywhere. Virtual tours are now one of the most powerful online tools to sell a house. Real estate agents can also use virtual assistants to help with scheduling to save time for everyone.

Smart home systems

For real estate agent teams, homes with smart home systems can be an advantage. With smart locks, anyone from a team can have access to opening a home. Homes set on timers for lighting and climate control can help show the best side of a home without having to adjust it every time. A buyer will also appreciate having the option to manage a home from their mobile device.  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

As a client base grows, San Francisco real estate agents may find it challenging to keep track of contacts. Using digital tools to manage customer relationships can help agents track leads and keep in contact with potential buyers and sellers. More sophisticated tools can even send out messages with updates and news, in tandem with marketing automation platforms and email marketing services, such as Mailchimp.

Digital document signing and storage

San Francisco buyers and sellers are busy and they’ll appreciate tools that make real estate processes more efficient. Other than offering virtual viewings, virtual document signing and storage can save time. With virtual document signing, there’s no need to schedule an in-person meeting. Virtual documents can make it easier to keep track of essential paperwork needed to close a deal. It can also streamline the process of collecting multiple signatures and sharing files. 

Across the United States, real estate agents are using digital tools to make the entire listing process more efficient. These tools are particularly important in San Francisco, where technology is an essential part of life. 


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