5 Pro Tips For Blending Your Hair Toppers With Your Natural Hair

Mastering blending your hair topper with your natural hair takes time, practice, and skill, but once you get the knack of blending, it will barely take about 5 minutes to get a completely seamless coverage. 

So how do you integrate hair toppers for women with your natural hair to get the perfect appearance?

Here are 5 pro tips to keep in mind while blending your hair topper with your natural hair:

Choose a human hair topper

Two types of hair toppers are available in the hair replacement industry – synthetic hair toppers and human hair toppers. While both are good at concealing hair loss in the crown area, the human hair toppers definitely supersede their synthetic counterparts in terms of natural look and heat styling. 

How To Choose Your First Hair Topper

The synthetic hair toppers don’t tolerate much heat styling as their fibres might get damaged. Some synthetic hair toppers also give an unreal shine that is an immediate giveaway. This goes against the hair blending rule as it’s challenging to match synthetic fibres with natural hair. Unless you want this to happen, going in for human hair toppers is always advisable. Human hair feels soft and light, so they are easily manageable.

Human hair has the most flexible options when it comes to styling. They give a natural look and feel and can be heat styled in multiple ways to match your natural hair’s texture, blending in perfectly with it. 

Cut & Style  

You don’t need hours covering up your bald spots or balding areas. When you get your hair topper, the first thing to do is to cut and customize it according to your need. This will help blend your hair topper and completely integrate it with your bio hair. 

For optimal results, it’s better to utilize a slightly longer hair topper than your natural hair’s length so that both can be cut and blended. Always get your haircut done by a professional stylist who has good experience with cutting hairpieces. They would do a great job of blending in the cut of your human hair topper with your natural hair to give you a seamlessly integrated look. 

You can request your stylist to cut and thin your human hair topper so they don’t remove too much length or density of the hairpiece. 

It is also recommended to heat style your natural hair and hair topper separately so you don’t pull on your bio hair in the process. Wash your hairpiece, air dry, blow dry, straighten or curl to match your natural hair waves or texture for a great blended look. 


Human hair toppers can be colored with ease, so take advantage of that and color the roots of your hair topper to match your hair. It is essential for the base and root color of the hairpiece to be as similar to yours as possible. The closer the color and dimension of the blend, the better the seamless transition between both.

Matching the color of your topper to your bio hair can sometimes be challenging. It’s best to consult professionals to get the exact match that works for you. Leave it up to the hairstylists to do their job! 


You can get a great blend of the human hair topper and your natural hair, but sometimes your front hairline may be scanty and needs some coverage. This can be best achieved by concealing it with the right products. 

Root and parting line concealing can be done with hair powder, hair fibres, or plain and simple eye shadows of the colors closest to your hair shade. You can also use concealers of your skin tone to camouflage the transition line. These create perfect blending results.


If you have a lace front topper, then you don’t need to blend your front hairline that much. If not, it’s always advisable to attach your hair topper a little away from the front hairline, right behind your natural hair part line, leaving some hair in front to blend in well with your hair topper. 

Brush your natural hair and human hair topper together upwards and backwards for the most natural blend.

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Human hair toppers are versatile. Each hairpiece can be blended differently to achieve different hairstyles and looks. Hair toppers can make a tremendous difference in your hair volume and give you much more confidence in your appearance. Once you find the right topper, you’ll never want to be without it.

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