5 Reasons Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is a Perfect iMac Alternative

Apple or Windows?

It’s a debate that’s continued from eternity between the creative being where majority votes for Apple.

And Apple always proves itself worthy with releases like iMac!

What if you have to use an iMac alternative you can only choose the one that surpasses iMac?

Yes, there is a strong contender in shape of Microsoft Surface Studio 2!

How is it better than Apple’s iMac?

Well, we’ve mentioned some key differences between these two machines that fulfill the requirements to be used for graphic design work. So, if you want to know how…just keep reading and discover why Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is a perfect iMac alternative, below.

With this interactive surface computing platform, you get to have a fantastic picture quality that iMac doesn’t offer.
WRITE: This is especially important for people, who regularly use a pro drawing app and image editing tools.

Bigger Screen

Over the years, Apple has marketed its iMac on the screen size but not anymore!

There’s a better option, the best iMac alternative, in the room since the release of Microsoft Surface Studio 2 that comes with a whopping 28” PixelSense Display.

So, you not only just get 1” bigger screen size, along all the great graphics feature, but you also get to have PixelSense Display. With this interactive surface computing platform, you get to have a fantastic picture quality that iMac doesn’t offer.

And with this technology you get to have a smooth editing experience while working on your creative projects.

Better Graphics

Then, Apple also capitalized on its AMD Radeon 5300 graphics card that makes the iMac a fantastic choice for the graphic designers and illustrators.

But with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 inclusion in the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 win over the competition. In other words, you get to have a better graphics experience with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 that is originally created to support gamers. But there’s no harm in using this graphic card for creative work that requires heavy editing software like Photoshop, Illustrator, an Procreate.

And this is another reason that why Microsoft Surface Studio 2 can be considered as the better iMac alternative specially if its being considered for the graphics design work.

More RAM

Though the iMac does have a decent RAM but editing work always needs more!

As we all know how a RAM plays its role in deciding the export speed if you’re working on a video in Premiere Pro or trying to access a large file and iMac makes it very easy with its 8GB RAM. But with Microsoft Surface Studio 2’s 16GB RAM, you get to have double power, double speed to get your creative work done.

So, do consider Microsoft Surface Studio 2 as the best iMac alternative if you seek even more speed for your motion graphics projects.

Lighter Weight

There’s one particular reason that why everyone is accepting Microsoft Surface Studio 2 as the best iMac alternative, the strongest contender in the market.

It’s the 20.94 pounds weight that gives Microsoft’s new blessing for the designer community the seal of approval in comparison to iMac. Because where iMac weighs about 31 pounds, it has reduced almost 10 pounds that makes it easy to handle for the users.

So, if you’re in search of a lighter AIO, you should consider buying Microsoft Surface Studio 2!

More Storage

And here comes the feature that truly distinguishes Microsoft Surface Studio 2 as the rightful iMac alternative for graphics designer and illustrators.

With iMac, you get to have about 512GB of storage space but the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 offers you 1TB of storage capacity which double the space you get in iMac. So, if you’re someone with huge storage needs, you know what to choose between these two and why.


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