How an Uber Accident Settlement Works

Did you know that in the year 2017 there were 49 Uber-related deaths as a result of accidents? If you’re involved in an Uber accident then you deserve your Uber accident settlement to help you cover the cost of your medical bills. Auto accidents happen every single day, but you should know what to do when you’re involved in one.

If you’re involved in a traffic accident with an Uber driver then you’re going to want to find an Uber accident lawyer that will help you handle your case and get the damages you deserve. 

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn about how an Uber accident settlement works and what you should do if you’re injured in an Uber car accident. Continue reading for more.

What Will Your Uber Accident Settlement Be?

If you’ve been injured in an accident with an Uber vehicle, you’re probably wondering what your injury settlement will be from the accident. There are a number of factors that affect what the settlement ultimately is. Here is a closer look at those factors.

Who Was at Fault?

A big thing that needs to be determined and proven is which person is at fault for the traffic accident. As the passenger in an Uber vehicle, you’re most likely not at fault for the accident. Despite that, you have a legal obligation to help prove who is at fault for the accident that occurred.

By determining who is at fault, you’re able to hold that person legally liable for your injuries and seek out a settlement to help pay for lost wages and medical bills. If your Uber driver was needlessly careless, their insurance could accept liability which would increase the settlement you receive for your injuries.

How Serious Are Your Injuries?

Another big factor that plays into how large of a settlement you’ll receive is the severity of the injuries you sustained in the accident. To do this, you’ll need to prove the full extent of your injuries from the accident. Unfortunately, it isn’t adequate to tell your insurance company about your injuries and expect them to pay.

You’ll need to get medical treatment from a healthcare provider and learn whether your injuries are long-term or debilitating. Serious injuries have consequences like expensive medical bills and lost wages. You’ll want to make sure that your settlement helps you make up for that lost money that resulted from the accident.

Most times, Uber accidents that result in serious injury have a higher settlement than other types of accidents. You also need to monitor your injuries. Some injuries get worse over a period of time. Get treatment and get the process started with determining your settlement.

You won’t know the amount of your settlement until the dust settles and everything is sorted out. This process takes time so you’ll need to be patient and seek out good legal advice from an Uber accident lawyer. It is also important that you know what to do after the accident occurs.

What To Do if You’re in an Uber Accident

If you’re a passenger in an Uber when a traffic accident happens, you’ll likely see multiple parties point fingers and assign blame. Just because this happens doesn’t mean that you won’t receive a settlement for the damages you received from the accident. You need to know and follow important steps to make sure that you get the settlement you deserve.

Seek Medical Treatment

The first thing you should do if you’re involved in an Uber accident is to seek medical attention immediately. You’ll want to visit a doctor and have them give you a thorough examination for injuries. Do this even if a paramedic examined you at the scene of the accident.

You should also avoid making the mistake of thinking that your accident injuries aren’t severe enough to warrant visiting a doctor. If you decide to file a claim from the accident then you’ll need official medical records that go into detail when describing your injuries.

It is also wise to keep a close eye on your injuries to see if they continue to grow worse as time goes by. They could lead to permanent disability which results in a much greater settlement.

Don’t Accept an Immediate Settlement

One strategy that insurance adjusters use to try to get out of paying large settlements that result from accidents is by offering an immediate settlement. This helps to limit their payouts. They’ll offer immediate settlements right after the accident occurs. 

Their strategy often involves them trying to hand you a check for the settlement before you even realize what is happening or how serious your injuries are. If you accept the immediate settlement there really isn’t much you can do to get additional financial support should you need it.

Stay Off Social Media

In a world where social media is so popular, it is vital that you avoid posting any information about the accident on social media. The best strategy you should take is to avoid posting anything about the accident at all. Ideally, you shouldn’t post anything at all even if it isn’t related to the accident.

Insurance companies will use social media posts on your accounts against you when you start the process of getting your Uber accident settlement. By not posting, you’ll give them nothing to use against you in their effort to decrease your settlement.

Call a Lawyer

If you sustain injuries that result from being a passenger in an Uber accident, call a lawyer that is experienced in helping with Uber accident settlements. It will make the process of getting the settlement you deserve much easier.

Now You’re Ready To Get Your Uber Accident Settlement

When you’ve been injured in an Uber accident, it is vital that you take the right steps to get your Uber accident settlement. This settlement will help you with medical bills and cover any lost wages that come from your injuries. You need to remember that the process takes time and that there are important steps to take to guarantee you get the best settlement possible.

Always visit a doctor for a medical examination and keep a close eye on your injuries from the accident. You should also avoid using social media at all until the settlement is reached. Don’t accept any immediate settlements offered to you at the scene of the accident.

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