How to Find Out the Area and Volume of Different Shapes?

Being clear about the area and perimeter of different kinds of shapes like sphere, circle, square, triangle and various other options is very much important for the kids to ensure that they are clear about the basic things. Shapes like hemisphere are used to work on the architecture of buildings or houses and for this people need to indulge into several kinds of calculations in the whole process.

Being aware of the elements of the formulas of the shapes is very much vital for the people so that they make the most accurate decisions with the utilization of the materials in daily life. So, being clear about every single element of the shapes is vital so that people are able to move in a planned manner all the time.

Let’s see some tips that they should remember while solving such questions based on sphere or hemisphere:

  • Let’s first understand everything about the sphere. You must have observed children playing cricket or football several times in a day. This is the best real-life example of the sphere.
  • Now you have to think a bit while you are observing that football or ball of rubber. Ask yourself some questions such as what is the area of this ball? What will be the volume of this ball?
  • You can only get the answers to all these questions if you know the correct formula, so the ball is a sphere hence you have to apply the formula for a sphere.
  • Before jumping on to the formula you should understand that spheres also include circles. You know that the formula for the area of a circle is pi into the square of the radius of the circle.
  • If you want to find out the surface area of the sphere then you will observe you have to calculate the area of four circles. The formula for the area of those four circles is four into pi into the radius of a football sphere.
  • If you understand all the formulas of the circle very well then you can easily understand the concept of the sphere. Similarly, if you understand the concept of the sphere then you can easily understand the concept of the hemisphere that football sliced horizontally into two equal parts.
  • The formula for the curved surface area would be half of the area of the football that is two pi into the square of the radius. If you want to calculate the area of the base of the hemisphere then basically you have to calculate the area of the normal circle.
  • You should always remember a few things : every new shape has some connection with the earlier shape that you have already studied.
  • Therefore before starting a new concept you should first understand the previous concept or the concept that will be used in this upcoming topic.

It is also very vital for the people to be aware of the formula of the volume of sphere so that the people end up making the perfect decisions in their life and are very much capable of becoming successful in the long run. Apart from this, registering the kids on platforms like Cuemath is a great idea so that they are always under the professional guidance and further are able to become successful as they will always be able to solve the questions very accurately. In this way, kids will be able to move with proper planning and will be having proper access to the best quality study material so that they can refer to it whenever required and can learn the things by heart. Depending upon worksheets provided by Cuemath, it is a good idea to indulge into proper practicing of the things very easily as this is the best possible way of scoring well in the exams.


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