5 Ways to Improve the Exterior Appearance of a Commercial Building

Did you know that remodeling activity is at an all-time high? According to a recent study, improvement projects are on the rise and are hitting historic highs. Now is the perfect time to join this trend and to start your own today–especially if you own a business. 

Want to create better curb appeal for your business and bring in more clients in the process? Craft a pleasant aesthetic that your customers will enjoy by improving the exterior of your commercial building. Here are five great ways to improve its appearance. 

1. Paint

One of the first steps to spiffing up the exterior appearance of your commercial building is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Updating the color of the facade can work wonders and go a long way in reviving the general aesthetic. Whether you hire professionals or try a DIY paint job, include all surfaces–from floors to walkways to the exterior and interior. 

2. Get New Signage for Your Commercial Building

Another easy fix is to invest in a new sign for your business exterior. A fresh take on your brand can boost your business along with increasing your foot traffic. New signage can help you rethink your current branding and help you make any necessary changes to keep your business image current. 

3. Window Cleaning

Got dingy windows? Dirty glass is one of the first things that clients see when they approach the building, so it may be affecting your business. Luckily, there’s an easy solution–you can hire or take the time for a DIY window cleaning to add some sparkle and shine to the facade of your office building. 

4. Light It Up

Lighting is one of the most overlooked features in a building design, yet it can make a huge difference. Swap out any utilitarian fixtures for modern lanterns or historic lampposts. Path lighting, wall lighting, and security lighting are not just illuminating–they can add warmth and a feeling of safety to your business. 

5. Add Landscaping

Give your business curb appeal by adding a dash of green to the scene. A little bit of landscaping can go a long way and give the exterior of your building an inviting look. Bring in a professional service like Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC to get the job done right. 

Bonus Tips

Once you’ve spent your time, money, and energy on remodeling your business, don’t forget to keep it clean! Protect your investment by developing a regular maintenance and cleaning plan to keep your commercial building looking its best. 

Ready To Improve the Look of Your Business?

Now that you’ve learned how to create better curb appeal for your commercial building, you can take action. By investing in items like paint, new signage, lighting, and landscaping you can transform the look of your business and benefit from it. Even if you can’t afford big-ticket items, you can still make a difference by cleaning the windows pressure washing the exterior and sidewalks. 

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