6 Best Jewelry a Man Shouldn’t Lack in 2022

Many men question if it’s right for them to wear jewelry. The fact is that jewelry makes men look more stylish and or modern.

It elevates the looks and makes the final attire better if done right. The fashion world is changing with many big brands and houses offering many pieces of jewelry worn according to the occasion.

Men’s jewelry is more than wearing watches, bracelets, earrings, tie clips, bracelets, e.t.c. 

This article will break down the types of jewelry a man should have in 2022. It will explain the best jewelry which occasions and styles work with the best.

Best Jewellery for Men 

1. Earrings

It is one of the best men’s jewelry to add to the wardrobe.

It is mainly for people who don’t work in corporate organizations as their managers may limit them. But for others, it’s an excellent piece to try it out.

When buying earrings, it’s better to consider the color, size, and how they match your other outfit.

Most men have issues with large earrings as they tend to stretch the skin and may affect you, making it hard to get your ear’s skin back to its normal shape.

Some of the best earrings for men include:

  • Inside Out Emmanuel Pave
  • Oval Inside Out Kim

2. Watches


Watches are one of the most used jewelry among men. They match all occasions. The only thing to do is wear it right and match it with the type of outfit.

When buying a watch, make sure it fits your budget and match it with your wrist size to avoid hanging or moving on your hand. Wear it on the opposite hand of the one you use for writing.

There are several new watches like the smartwatches where companies like Apple have invested in.

You can wear watches every day without any problem. It just depends on the type of style you use.


3. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are expressive decorative and can change any styling to depict good character and ethos to any occasion.

They are mainly for fastening the sides of the shirt together. The majority of the cufflinks come in pairs.

They only work with shirts that have buttonholes with no buttons, e.g., French Cuff Shirts. They are majorly for special occasions like formal meetings, family or friends’ functions like weddings, engagements e.t.c.

Since most of them are metallic, be careful when choosing the type of metal, the type of metal you choose should work perfectly with the perfect outfit you have worn. Its materials can also be leather, glass, and stones.

Suits or glazers and black ties should accompany it to look better.

They come in different shapes and colours. Avoid those with funny shapes but instead, go for ones like plane-shaped when going for car rallies.

There are several types of cufflinks:

  • Bullet back-it’s the most used one, it has decorative details on one side, and the other side is small with a bullet-shaped clip.
  • The ball end-It has a head attached at the back to a bar with no moving parts.
  • Chain cufflinks-it has two ends connected by chains. This style is more vintage and has little room for improvement.
  • Stud cufflink-They are easy to move through the parts, durable, and match many occasions.

4. Rings

Rings is one of the best fashion jewelry for men. Many people believe rings are only for weddings. There are several types of rings you can spice your fingers with.

There are different types and methods of wearing the rings to produce some swag. When working incorporate, you have to wear rings with minimal designs and limit the number to only one. Those considering wearing more than one have to find better styles.

If you are not married, try to avoid wearing rings on the left finger of the left hand. Rings are not for celebrities as it was or for married people, but men can also try them out by keeping it simple.

Some of the best rings to consider include:

  • Round shared Prongs Adelle
  • Round Single Prongs Lauren.

5. Tie Clips and Lapel pins

These are for people mainly in the corporate world and politics. Lapel pins come in different colors, sizes, and designs, and their placement is mainly on coats and jackets.

Ensure that the size and colour of the lapel pins match to reduce confusion that may arise with other fashions you are wearing.

For men who have issues picking the best label pins, go for a floral one and silver colour. It also depends on the occasion you are attending. If it’s a dogs’ conference, go with a dog pin if it’s a date, don’t wear any pin. Be careful with the type of occasion you are attending before using it.

Tie clips get placed on the tie’s middle to prevent it from flying all over. It comes with many options for styling it and making it look better. When wearing, make sure the clip’s colour lip matches the rest of the outfit.

Its design is for people in the busy corporate world to minimize distractions when handling their work.

Most of them come in plain colours, so it’s your role to understand how to make them match your outfit.

6. Bracelets 

Bracelets are not only a fashionable accessory but also a popular choice for those looking to bring positive energy and good luck into their lives. One such bracelet is the Chinese feng shui fortune bracelet, which incorporates the ancient principles of feng shui into its design. This bracelet is believed to bring harmony, prosperity, and good fortune to the wearer, making it a must-have for anyone seeking to improve their luck and overall well-being. Whether paired with a casual outfit or worn with a watch on the wrist, the Chinese feng shui fortune bracelet is a stylish and meaningful addition to any jewelry collection.

If you are shy of wearing other types of jewelry, then this is for every man.

Some of the best bangles men can consider:

  • Round Row Bombe Naomi bracelet
  • Round Row Pave Angel
  • Round shared prongs Eternity Stephanie

Men also need jewelry

Jewelry for men is a field that is growing, and there are many options for men to choose from. It can be tough which jewelry to choose for a specific occasion, but the guide above has solved everything for you.

Jewelry is more of making the style of a man more attractive and improving his personality. It makes the whole process less tedious and full of fun. 

There are a lot of celebrities like Shawn Mendes who is embracing men’s jewelry, and in case of inspiration, you can look at their journey.

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