Your Guide To The Recent Hip Hop Jewelry Trends

Fashion has always been one of the trendiest ways to express our personality, emotions, and authenticity. Since its origin, the Hip Hop music industry has never shied away from owning up to the glitz and glam of the fashion industry. Time and again, Hip Hop artists have broken the stereotype that only women can rock jewelry. From costly diamond chains to golden chokers, bracelets, and studs, jewelry is essential in Hip Hop fashion.

There is no doubt that Hip Hop culture ruled the nineties. With skateboards, thick chains, embellished teeth, and tie-dye t-shirts all over the internet, it is evident that Hip Hop fashion trends are slowly making their way back in the recent fashion trends. In addition, men are now embracing Hip Hop jewelry trends like never before. So, do not be surprised if you find yourself surfing the internet to get hold of the flashy and cool necklace you saw rapper Drake wearing!

If you are a Hip Hop fanatic, you will probably find yourself wanting to mimic your favorite Hip Hop artist’s fashion style and jewelry. However, we understand that it becomes pretty tedious to keep up with the fast-paced and ever-changing jewelry trends in Hip Hop. Therefore, we have here a list of the latest Hip Hop jewelry trends to keep you updated!

1. Necklace

When it comes to trendy, blingy, and highly costly necklaces for men, Hip Hop jewelry is the first thing that pops up in our minds. Necklaces are a symbol of wealth and success.

In the past, Hip Hop artists have been seen wearing thick and chunky necklaces made of pricey metals like gold, diamond, and platinum. However, newer jewelry trends in Hip Hop show a slow transition from lengthy and heavy chains to more sleek and shorter ones.

Hip Hop artists are often seen wearing minimalistic and mid-sized necklaces that give off a fresher and daintier look. It is also more functional for everyday wear. Moreover, they look great with clothes of all colors and add more charm to basic formal outfits. These trendy necklaces often come in various Hip Hop styles such as rope, tennis, and Cuban. You can find some great options for gold rope chains here!

Cuban link chains are extremely versatile and are trendsetters when it comes to Hip Hop jewelry. If you are looking for trendy Cuban chains inspired by your favorite Hip Hop artist, simply get Cuban link chains in an online store.

Layering necklaces of different sizes can be a great option to amplify the overall style of your look. However, do avoid styling necklaces of the same length to avoid a messy and cluttered look.

Customization in necklaces to express the artist’s personal style is also gaining popularity. For instance, Rapper Drake recently spent a whopping one million dollars to create a customized necklace made up of heart-shaped diamonds to match his diamond bracelet. After all, the Hip Hop world abides by the motto, “the more blingy, the better”.

2. Pendants

Pendants are a great addition to your necklaces. There is no doubt why they are increasingly gaining popularity. They are a great way to express personalized styles that sets you apart from the crowd. You will often see Hip Hop artists rock eye-catching pendants in their music and dance videos that leave a lasting impact on their fans.  Rapper Lil Uzi’s “Marilyn Manson” custom pendant made of black and white gold is still discussed!

3. Earrings

The importance of earrings in the Hip Hop industry cannot be emphasized enough. Earrings tie the whole look together! Hip hop artists have been seen rocking golden hoops and diamond studs all the time. The costlier the material, the more it shows off the artist’s wealth and success.

Not just in Hip Hop, earrings have had a contagious effect in the Men’s fashion industry in general. Some celebrities even have a huge collection of expensive and limited edition earrings!

From streetwear to casual clothes and formal wear, you can rely on earrings to add to the boldness and chique of your outfit. Whether in pairs or just in one ear, earrings will forever remain the best friend of Hip Hop jewelry enthusiasts.

4. Bracelets

A Hip Hop artist has probably never been spotted with bare wrists. Instead, their wrists are always embellished with expensive bracelets. Bracelets are the symbol of power and wealth. Hip Hop jewelry primarily includes expensive bracelets in the form of chains or watches. From thick bracelets studded with diamonds to slim and elegant cuffs made of gold or diamond, bracelets are a timeless accessory here to stay.

If you don’t like to wear a lot of jewelry, bracelets are the way to go! It will make you look stylish without adding any extra bling or flashiness to the look.

Simply adding a minimalistic and sleek gold or diamond bracelet on your wrist is a great way to add some trend and elegance to your outfit. Just like necklaces, you can also stack and layer bracelets to add some extra bling that will complement the overall look you are going for.

5. Rings

Rings have been a statement piece of jewelry since ancient times. Trending since the beginning of Hip Hop, rings have never gone out of style. However, Hip Hop jewelry trends truly remain incomplete without mentioning the classic rings that bejewel the artist’s fingers.

The best thing about rings is that there are endless possibilities with them. You can either go for humongous gems and crystals that will surely attract a lot of attention or minimal but intricately detailed diamond, gold, and platinum rings that will leave a lasting impression.

Moreover, you can also play with various colors without making yourself look too extra or gaudy. No matter how you style it, rings will not fail to radiate your elegance and status.

6. Teeth Grillz

Ever wondered why Hip Hop artists have such dazzling and glistening smiles? Yes, it is their teeth grillz that create the magic! Teeth grillz are basically jewelry for your teeth that instantly gives you a dental upgrade. Hip Hop artists often wear grillz made of gold and platinum or studded with expensive diamonds.

Needless to say, they have gained immense popularity among men and women in recent times. After all, embellished teeth are always better than plain teeth and are a great way to display wealth, status, power, and success in the Hip Hop world.

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