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Best Digital Marketing Tips For Your Jewellery Business

The growing online competition that all jewellery stores that coexist in the digital environment have has led to the emergence of digital marketing strategies for more efficient jewellery stores.  We have compiled the seven that work best in the field of sales. Do you want to know them?

Search engine paid to advertise (SEM)

Investing so that our ads appear as high as possible in search engines is always one of the best digital marketing strategies for jewellery stores. Both by the target and by-product. Get the most out of your investment with these two tips:

Optimize what you pay for each click by segmenting the message towards your buyer person.

Create remarketing campaigns on display to impact interested users.

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Organic search engine optimization (SEO)

Appearing in the first organic search results – not to be confused with SEM, which is paid to advertise – is synonymous with good work. These types of digital marketing strategies for jewellery are tremendously profitable, and with them, you will increase sales without large advertising investments, although they need time to bear fruit.

How to optimize your SEO? For this question, there is no concrete answer since, as the saying goes, each teacher has his booklet. But there are three general concepts that you should know r:

Audit your website, look for usability bugs, meta-disclosures, URLs, etc.

Create content of interest with which to attract traffic to your website.

Link your website with social networks.

Use keywords

Design digital marketing strategies for jewellery stores in your emails

Get an excellent database to design personalized newsletters with your offers and promotions. The database must be updated with high activity users. Email marketing is also a tremendously effective channel for remarketing since you can segment and personalize emails to users who have already visited products on your website or social networks.

Write about jewellery on your blog

Another of the most profitable digital marketing strategies for jewellery is to open a blog. Writing is a cheap action that takes only time -which is not little- and the results can be very satisfactory if you find the right topic. Find ideas for posts that may interest your audience, use keywords and, above all, be patient.


Have a presence on social media

Social media is the best channel to connect with your customers. It allows you to know their profile, show your products, transmit your value proposition or communicate with them. Also, your potential clients tend to consult opinions and evaluations of other users on social networks, which is why you should keep them updated so that they validate both the quality of your products and the professionalism with which you manage your brand.

Optimized tab in Google My Business

If your jewellery store is a local business, you can enrol your business in Google My Business to appear in local searches. This tab will facilitate interaction with your potential customers through the Google search engine and Maps, which will drastically increase the number of customers who visit your store.

Use Marketplaces or Google Shopping

These massive digital markets are huge showcases in which your jewellery will reach a broad audience. It is one of the most common digital marketing strategies for jewellery stores -and other e-commerce-, although many of these portals will ask you for a percentage of each sale. It is usually beneficial to always have an item available in a popular Marketplace only as a branding tool. Even if you don’t get many deals, you will reinforce your brand image.

If you think you need advice with your digital marketing strategy, do not hesitate to contact us. We have extensive experience in the jewellery sector. Do not hesitate to contact us; we are waiting for you!


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