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6 Great Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Did you know that Americans spent an average of $13,000 on home projects in 2020? If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, you are in the right place because we have gathered our top bathroom remodeling tips in this guide. Keep reading to learn our top bathroom remodel tips to take all the stress out of your next reno project.

1. Make a Plan

Before you start your project or contact a reputable professional such as HomePro Services you want to plan out how you want your bathroom to look. Think about the colors you envision, the materials, the fixtures, etc. 

Also, you want to include your budget in this plan. It is smart to plan to put at least an extra 20% on top of your budget to cover unexpected surprises and costs that pop up. 

2. Use Mirrors to Your Advantage

If your bathroom is on the smaller side then you want to consider using mirrors to make the smaller space feel bigger. Consider using large mirrors to make the bathroom feel lighter and more spacious. Also, take a frameless mirror into consideration to cover one whole wall that will reflect outdoor light into your bathroom for more natural light. 

3. Ventilation

No one loves dealing with a damp and muggy bathroom, so it is important to not forget about ventilation. You need to install proper ventilation systems like an extractor fan to keep the moisture down to a minimum. For bathrooms that have wooden windows you can plan on having a window vac to suck up condensation. 

4. Don’t Forget Storage

No matter the size of the bathroom you do not want to forget about bathroom storage because this will keep your bathroom from looking cluttered. When you are putting your plan together use storage baskets, storage furniture, and shelves to help keep things such as extra towels, soaps, etc out of sight. 

5. Timeless Flooring

It is important to choose a flooring that is durable and that will be timeless looking for years to come. Because the floor will be in a bathroom you want to choose something that is water-resistant as well. Nowadays there are plenty of vinyl options that will withstand the moisture from the bathroom and all the foot traffic your bathroom will see. 

6. Keep the Future in Mind

If you might sell your home in the next five or ten years, you want to remodel with this in mind when choosing materials and fixtures. You want to choose things that will bring up the value of your property and will not leave you upside down on expenses. For those that are not planning on selling then keep that in mind when designing your bathroom to make sure that the design fits your style and you love it for years to come. 

Ready to Follow These Bathroom Remodeling Tips?

We hope that now that you have our top bathroom remodeling tips you can have more fun with your remodel project. 

Did you find this article helpful today? Please keep browsing the rest of our home section for some more tips and tricks. 

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