6 Integrations Your OKR Software Must Offer

Are you in the market for OKR software for your organization? OKRs carry numerous potential benefits for businesses, including aligning employees with goals, giving direction to teams and individual workers, boosting productivity, and tracking performance.

However, OKR tools vary, in terms of functionality, from one vendor to another. So, you must know what to look for when picking your ideal software.

Now, one of the essential features to look for when selecting OKR software is the integrations it supports. Integration is vital because it allows you to bring different tools together to achieve common goals. While some OKR software may promise numerous integrations, you want to check that they are relevant to your business needs.

So, what key integrations should you look for when picking out your OKR framework?

1. Microsoft Teams

In today’s environment, where companies have had to adjust to flexible work, tools like Microsoft Teams have helped keep things seamless. Microsoft Teams is essentially a collaboration tool that supports business communication in hybrid work environments.

So, why is integrating OKR for Microsoft Teams important? You can manage your OKRs, including tracking and adjusting them within Microsoft Teams. This way, you can optimize communication and efficiency.

2. Slack

Slack is such a handy tool for businesses and teams because it brings different types of written communication in one place, increasing collaboration and coordination. It allows for accessible private and group communication while giving organizations control over who can use their channel.

Slack-OKR integration allows you to manage your objectives and key results from either platform. So, you save time and energy and make tracking progress super easy.

3. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

MS Outlook is a popular information management software available under the Microsoft Office Suite. Within it is the MS Outlook Calendar, which helps users manage meetings, tasks, and other deadlines.

Integrating MS Outlook Calendar and OKR software lets you view all your meetings and commitments in one place. So, it is easier to check your availability no matter which tool you use at any particular time. You can also synchronize essential dates for crucial results in your calendars, ensuring everything is just a click away.

4. Gmail

As a manager or business owner, you likely check your email several times daily. So, having OKR software that integrates with your Gmail makes it easy to follow up on your objectives and how far along you are on the key results. You can also update your progress without leaving your email, making it easy to stay on track.

5. Power BI

Power BI is an excellent tool for data visualization. It allows you to pool data you have collected from various sources and create interactive reports with it. With data represented in highly visual charts, gathering actionable insights becomes easier. And you can use these insights to inform your business decisions.

So, why is OKR and Power BI integration important?

Once you have created your objectives and assigned tasks to teams, the next step is to track progress towards achieving critical results. With Power BI integration, you can interactively import your OKR data and visualize and study your progress.

6. Google Sheets

Google Sheets is one of the industry’s most popular data entry tools, and for a good reason. It allows you to create, edit and update spreadsheets directly from your browser. Multiple users can work on the spreadsheet simultaneously, and changes are updated in real-time for all to see.

Integrating Google Sheets to your OKR software allows you to auto-update your key results progress every step without logging into your OKR software’s account.

Get OKR for Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Gmail, MS Outlook, and Much More for Seamless Operations

OKR software may have all the best features. However, maintaining efficiency can be cumbersome if your software does not integrate with some of your favorite everyday tools.

For instance, you would find it hard to keep your calendar in sync with all your activities, so it would take time to check availability. You might also be forced to repeat some tasks to replicate them on your different tools, which wouldn’t exactly be time-efficient.

So, always check that your OKR software supports these six basic integrations and any other integrations that you may need.


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