6 must-have menswear for all purposes in 2023

In the rapidly-evolving world of fashion, most trends come and go. But some trends stay for many years and make us look and feel pretty sophisticated! 

When it comes to menswear, it can be hard to pinpoint the latest trends. But if you look closely, you’ll notice a lot of new trends that have arrived this year. The menswear market size in Australia was about $1.7 billion in 2022. 

So, if you’re also looking for easy styles to make your wardrobe look super-fresh and comfy, this guide is here to help!

  1. Loose suits

Earlier, the latest trend in men’s suits was to wear tight ones that enhanced the wearer’s body shape and muscles. However, this year has seen the opposite trend. 

It’s time to wear loose suits that give you more space to move flexibly and ensure that your style remains impeccable! 

This back-to-school style of tailored suits was first seen in the 1940s and 50s but has gradually disappeared. 

But runway models have returned to this super-chic look where the suits are relaxed but not baggy. So get yourself a similarly-styled tailored suit for all purposes!

  1. Long trousers

Another very comfortable trend that has taken runways by storm is the norm of long trousers. Long trousers look very stylish and provide comfort in the best way possible. 

Sometimes, these trousers can drip down and pull at the bottom of your legs, creating a perfect flow. 

Many people have started purchasing these trousers that come in various styles, such as buttons, zippers, or even pleats. 

Try to get one that has maxi cargo pockets for the ultimate comfort. Then, pair it up with a comfortable t-shirt to complete your outfit.

  1. Thermal jersey

Some men put their gyms right at the top of their priority list. But if you’re also a fitness enthusiast, this is a must-have in your wardrobe this year!

A thermal training jersey is perfect for a good workout in the gym or even for competitive sports like cycling and jogging. 

If you’re looking for the best cycling clothing and apparel, look for jerseys made of premium fabrics. 

Choose ones with thermal retention, which can be a huge advantage during winter. Features like breathability and moisture-wicking will absorb your sweat without making you feel stuffy.

  1. Colorblocked designs

Colourblocked designs were very popular during the 80s and 90s retro era. And this trend has never really gone away. 

Even today, men who prefer minimalist fashion mostly wear simple, color-blocked t-shirts compared to bold florals or polka dots. From outwear to sportswear, color-blocked T-shirts have made their mark everywhere.

Look out for vivid shades and fearless color combinations. For example, pair a color-blocked T-shirt with olive green, bright yellow stripes, and a bold shade of red with comfortable jeans. 

  1. Bermuda shorts

For the latest winter fitness chic, you can never go wrong with wearing a pair of breezy Bermuda shorts on top of your running trousers or leggings. 

And if you live in a warmer climate, you can simply ditch the trousers and go with a nice set of Bermudas! Large and wide, these shorts are ideal for almost all purposes. 

When you’re lounging at home, you don’t want to be stuck wearing your jeans or long-legged pants. Instead, a knee-length pair of Bermuda shorts will do the trick. 

Similarly, it can be worn as beachwear if you don’t want to spend extra on beach apparel.

  1. Polo sweaters

Believe it or not, Polos can now be coupled as sweaters too! Once upon a time, Polo shirts and t-shirts were more casual and often featured a chest logo with bright colors. 

But now, functionality has become the most important factor. So, a Polo-style sweater will make your entire look versatile. 

You can still find classic options made of textured pique or cotton. But knit Polos are gaining a wide fanbase. 

The sweater version of Polos can be worn almost anywhere and gives a stylish, professional look when leaving for work.

Over to you 

These are some of the multipurpose fashion trends in 2023 that you can’t miss out on! So what are you waiting for? Go grab these items today!


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