7 Benefits of Regular Weight Training

Weight lifting is not all about looking like Sylvester Stallone. It can improve your overall physical health as well as build muscles. To know more about the benefits of weight training, keep reading this think-piece:

1. Makes your bone strong

Weight training helps you to keep your bones strong. As per Biology, our body loses bone density after a certain age. In the case of women, it is more severe. They are more prone to osteoporosis, where bones become so weak that small accidents can fracture or break bones.
Weight training assists and trains your body to create new bone cells. It results in stronger and denser bones. According to a study, published in 2018, weight lifting training is the best option to boost muscle and bone mass among postmenstrual women, and men who are in their 40s, and above.
To reap the benefits of weight training, you need to be consistent. This will make your vulnerable areas like the hip, wrist, and spine tough.

2. Helps you to lose weight efficiently

Doing weight training rigorously aids you in burning extra fat. This is because muscle burns more calories than fat tissues. Not only that, it helps you to increase your metabolism by adding body mass.
In 2017, research was done on some adults who were overweight or suffering from obesity. One group of people was given a low-calorie diet and scientists asked them to walk regularly for 30 minutes. The other group was provided with a low-calorie diet but they were doing weight training instead of walking.
The weight training group lost more weight than the walking group. So, it was clear that this exercise aims at burning extra body fat and helps you stay fit.  If you wish to lose weight safely without resorting to hazardous prescription medications or challenging diets can go with Bio X4. Its dietary supplement aids in weight reduction by boosting the body’s metabolic rate and facilitating the more effective fat burning.

3. Maintains insulin secretion and fights off inflammation

If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, try doing weight lifting regularly to balance your blood sugar levels. It keeps you safe from chronic health problems and also lowers any kind of body inflammation.
Especially for women who are suffering from obesity, weight training can decrease the inflammation level drastically. Two times of training a week is enough to get the result.

4. Trains your muscles

Your body releases testosterone and growth hormones while you are practicing weight training. As a result, your muscle tissues increase rapidly and it makes your muscles bigger and more powerful.
Further, in case you are not aiming to become a bodybuilder and think it is ok not to practice weight lifting, I will recommend you to still do it. It will help in your old age by keeping your body physically functional for a long time.
Most women think they will get big muscles like men by doing weight lifting. But it is completely false as women don’t produce a huge amount of testosterone like men. So do practice training to keep your body healthy.

5. Assists you in reducing risks related to injuries

Weight training is widely popular for preventing injuries and making you fit. It can reduce pain in joint areas like elbows and knees by boosting the muscles’ stability level.
Make sure to maintain proper form while lifting weights. A small mistake can put extra stress on your muscles and you will end up hurting yourself.
To avoid any kind of injury, use platforms that are only made for weight lifting purposes. You will find various platforms at an affordable range on Lifespan Fitness. You can also explore other weight lifting equipment here like dumbbells, iron plates, bars, etc.

6. Keeps you safe from cardiovascular diseases

Weight training is not directly connected with your heart but it improves your cardiovascular health. People who practice weight lifting for an hour a week can protect themselves from a heart attack or stroke.

A moderate training exercise can lower your blood pressure by 20 times.

7. Improves your body posture

In our daily life, we make numerous mistakes related to body posture that cause intense body pain. Practicing weight lifting helps you to maintain good body posture by training your hip, spine, and shoulder.
If you are suffering from back pain, do weight training daily to get rid of the pain. Also, this can make you look a little tall as it improves your whole body posture.
Over to you…
Looking at so many benefits of weight training, you may be tempted to dive-in straightaway. But make sure to consult your doctor or gym trainer before starting the training. An expert’s view will make sure you’re safe from any kind of possible injuries.

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