8 Reasons to Change Your Hairstyle

Have you noticed that some women have their hairstyles “sticky” for several years, and for many – for a lifetime! Going through your whole life with one hairstyle –

You must admit that it blows away with some hopelessness ... It doesn’t matter if your hairstyle suits you or not – you need to refresh the image! And above all, you need it yourself. Here are 8 reasons to change your hairstyle.

Reason 1. You radically decided to change everything in your life

Have you divorced your husband? Broke up with your boyfriend? Moved to another city? Found a new job? It’s time to declare to everyone around that cardinal changes have taken place inside you! And a new haircut, styling, a new hair color – in short, your new hair – will declare it to the whole world!

There is no better way to overcome stress, how to change something in yourself radically. Yes, even on the head

But if the stress lasts too long and threatens to turn into depression, then the hairstyle will unfortunately not help. Contact specialists, for example, the online service Love-911.

Reason 2. You’ve lost weight

Losing weight is the same cardinal change in life. In this case, it is merely necessary to change your hairstyle because, with the disappearance of extra pounds, your face oval has also changed – it has become more elongated, more clearly defined. Why is there an oval of your face – your whole image has changed!

And of course, to change your hairstyle, you deserve a trip to a posh beauty salon. I think this is a worthy reward for efforts to lose weight

Reason 3. You are getting married

A wedding is a great excuse to make your hair even more seductive! You can freshen up your hair color, but drastic changes will not work here – they can knock your future husband out of a rut. What if he doesn’t recognize you at the wedding?

Both the hairstyle and the styling for a wedding require several rehearsals not to get incomprehensible on the head.

Reason 4. You are tired of the incomprehensible length of hair

And not long and not short – they drove you crazy! What to do? If you want to feel more confident, bright, businesslike – choose short haircuts. And if you’re going to be more feminine, seductive, cute – extend your hair, because now it’s easy!

Reason 5. You became a mother

Motherhood is a change, including in appearance. It is quite possible that now long hair will only interfere with caring for a newborn – so why not get a short haircut for several years?

If, after pregnancy, you want dramatic changes, this is normal. But do not rush to change radically because this desire can be triggered by a riot of hormones. Therefore, start with small changes so as not to regret what you have done later.

Reason 6. You are 30… 40… 50 years old

Age is a great reason to change your hairstyle. They say that the older your passport age, the shorter your hair should be. I don’t know how accurate this phrase is, but a well-chosen hairstyle can make you much younger!

Age is not a reason to give up and say, “That’s it. I’m old; I won’t take care of myself anymore.” To say so is to plunge yourself into the abyss of depression. Remember – life goes on! It is never too late to change, to be different.

Reason 7. You have gray hair

Gray – a reason to change. But what exactly should be done? What hair color should you choose?

See how much gray hair you have. If there are no more than 20% of them, then a hair color close to natural or tone-on-tone will suit you.

If there are more gray hairs, then it is recommended not dark, but on the contrary, lighter and warmer shades, against which gray hair will be less noticeable.

Reason 8. Most important

This is a desire to change at least something in life! But even here, you should not rush off the bat. Think, sort out paint boxes in the store, consult with your friends, and your hairdresser (if you have one). The main thing is not to do anything stupid, because you can’t put your hair back.

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