A Parent’s Guide to Buying A Kid’s First Phone

Buying the child’s first phone seems to be confusing for most parents, and no need to worry here, it’s completely normal to feel that way. A phone, in this modern era, is like a two-headed blade. When used properly, the phone may offer great benefits that may enhance someone’s life.

On the other hand, the user may also be exposed to the danger of using a phone, including the safety risks and other problems related to privacy. With all these worrying things going around, it’s logical that parents are worried when they are about to buy a phone for their kids for the very first time.

So, in order to clear things up, we’ve prepared some tips that can help you.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Nowadays, the number of kids on phones is rising. Since there are so many things going on the internet, having a phone is like a new trend. Without it, you can’t keep up with things around you.

Before actually buying a phone for the kid, there are several things that you need to consider, such as:

● Establish Want Versus Need

Talk with your kid about the phone they want, and their needs. That way, you may understand what’s the proper phone that actually fits them. While some kids want iPhones because it’s “trendy”, the parents may look for a more fitting alternative that is suitable for their needs. ● Learn Their ‘Why’.

Ask the kids why they need a phone in the first place. It’s normal to think that most kids would want a phone for entertainment purposes. A kid considers smartphones in this modern era to be a source of entertainment. That’s why the parents need to be close to them to be able to monitor their activities more closely.

● Assess Their Maturity

There’s no real sign when the kid is ready to have their own phone. That’s when the parents come in to do the assessment of the maturity of their kids. If they think that the kids are already old enough to have responsibility, then maybe it’s a good time to buy them their first phone.

● Raise a Digital Citizen

While buying the phone, make sure to keep the kids informed about the device they’re about to use. Tell them that there are a lot of possibilities that can be obtained through smartphone usage.

● Help Keep Them Safe

The parents can also use monitoring apps to always check on the kids from time to time.

Checking in With Your Child

Keeping the kids always safe is mandatory. And that’s the job of the parents to always check on their kids.

  • Ask how they’re using their phone

About a day or moments later, after you have the phone, ask them how they are doing. Ask them about what have they been doing with the phone.

  • Install Eyezy on their phone and monitor every danger your child may face

To keep them safe, you can also install a monitoring app called Eyezy on their phone. This app allows parents to check on their text messages, contacts, calls, and also social media activities. Eyezy is one of the best website blocker Android and iPhone.

  • Tell them you care about their wellbeing

While installing the monitoring app, tell them that it’s necessary for their well-being. You also need to inform them that the app works in the background, so it won’t disturb them in any kind.

  • Discuss expected behavior

Talk to them about the expected behavior when using the phone. Tell them that certain emotions may spark from phone usage.

  • Check any behavioral changes

If you see that the kids change their behavior or actions after using the phone for the first time, you can directly approach them and ask how they’re doing. Always keep them company after buying first cell phone for kids.

At What Age Should a Kid Get Their First Phone?

The proper age would be around 10-14, but there are some cases when the phone is given early or later depending on the situation.


When buying the first phone for the kids, parents need to know several things beforehand. What’s important is that the parents should always know about their kids’ behavior and take actions to deal with the problems.

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