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Accursed stories, Filippo Addamo: age today, the whole story of the murder of Rosa Montalto, interview Franca Leosini

Filippo Addamo today he is a free man even if at the age of 20 he was guilty of one of the most inhuman crimes that can be thought of: the one against the person who gave birth to him, his mother. Let’s find out what happened that terrible morning in March 2020.

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Who is Filippo Addamo protagonist of one of the Cursed stories?

Filippo Addamo today is a free man and perhaps he will never put the tragedy desired not only by him but also by a popular subculture behind him. He is the angry son who lashed out at a mother guilty of choosing a life different from the one others had chosen for her, including her family. He is the son who, in addition to harboring within himself the anger at having been abandoned by his mother, is himself a victim of prejudice and false honor.

Filippo Addamo and his mother shot dead by Rosa Montalto himself. He was 20, she was 38 / Photo: YouTube

He shot at the mother who gave birth to him, in a selfish world and not at all inclined to give her the freedom as a human being. He killed a mother and a woman, staining his life with the most heinous crime and fearing that the hand of man could ever commit, against the same blood that generated it.

Filippo Addamo tells Franca Leosini his version of the Cursed stories / Photo: Hotspotcelebrities

A sentence of 17 years in prison for voluntary homicide, on appeal, confirmed in the Supreme Court. Since June 2019 Filippo Addamo has returned to freedom. A Storie Maledette, to Franca Leosini herself, said that the family had forgiven him, but specifying:

To be honest, I don’t know if they did it for me, because they love me or if they did it to forgive themselves in this way too.

Age today

Today Filippo Addamo has 41 years old. At the time of the terrible event he had only one 20.

The whole story of the murder of Rosa Montalto

A story that ends on March 27, 2000. Rosa Montalto lived in a house not far from the one where her husband lived with three of his four children. Became pregnant at 15, she was married in the classic shotgun wedding, still in use despite contemporary times. At 35 she had already become a grandmother, she lived for her family, her husband and four children. She worked as a cleaner for a cooperative.

At the age of 35, Rosa Montalto could no longer lead a life with too many rules and a mentality without cultural tools, the result of a family legacy imposed, in some ways, by society. And so she left her family, her husband and four children to go and live with Benedetto, a 24-year-old friend of her son Filippo.

For her, leaving her family was not easy at all but she wanted to live and enjoy life, finally free. The story between Rosa and Benedetto lasted just twenty days, just the time to let the woman savor what it meant to breathe freedom from evening to morning and from morning to evening. In the meantime she had been accused by the whole family. Despite this she still decided to return to her children but not to her husband: she went to live in another house, with three of her four children. The other, the one left to live with his father, was Philip himself.

Life goes on but it doesn’t last long. Rosa Montalto had chosen to start a new life. He dated other men. The 20-year-old couldn’t stand it: he even suspected that his mother was prostituting herself. At dawn on March 27, 2000, he had therefore waited for her outside the house. The woman had got into her yellow 126, was about to start the engine when Filippo had parried in front of her. The discussion, the last fight. One blow to the back of the head. A real execution. Rosa Montalto was 38 years old. Philip, on the other hand, was 20.

What was the fault of the woman and mother, if we want to call her that? It was to live a free life, with other men, after separation from her husband.

Filippo immediately after that tragic and inconceivable gesture went to work. It was there that the investigators found him, to whom he confessed:

It was me, I was jealous.

How did the rest of the family welcome their mother’s dramatic end?

The victim’s daughter, who was asked if she would visit her mother at the cemetery, replied:

What should I go for? Spitting on my mother’s grave?

The husband did not go to his wife’s funeral.

Filippo Addamo was sentenced to 17 years in prison for voluntary murder, today he is a free man. He has returned to the wild since June 2019.

Interview by Franca Leosini

Franca Leonsini interviews Filippo Adamo, already met in 2004 in the penitentiary Bicocca of Catania, where he was imprisoned. The man has been free since 2019, after having remained in prison for 17 years.

The journalist will return to tell the story of Addamo years after the special episode of Cursed Stories, in its new program What happened to Baby Jane? this time on Rai2 and in prime time. A new transmission that wants to tell the second act of the story:

Understanding how these people, responsible for a tragic gesture often far from their human reality, today free or under the regime of article 21 (work outside the prison, ed), live the relationship with their dramatic story and with society.

What happened to Baby Jane Leosini, episodes, when on the air, Addamo

What happened to Baby Jane – Franca Leosini interviews Filippo Addamo in the first episode of the program / Photo: Marida Carerini

Franca Leosini now reconstructs the fate of some of those protagonists, trying to find out to what extent, after serving their sentence, they managed to recover their life, that existence broken, along with others, by ancient guilt.

In the new television studio, the Neapolitan journalist traces the human and judicial story of the protagonist of the episode, whose face is revealed only when the viewer is brought back to the present. The first episode is dedicated to Filippo Addamo, whom Leosini met for the first time 17 years ago, in the Bicocca prison in Catania: he was 23 years old, in March 2000 he killed his mother Rosa with a gunshot to the back of the head. Since June 2019, after having served his sentence in full, the man has returned to freedom:

At 5 o’clock on that tragic morning, Filippo went to his mother, whom he loved deeply, to confront her after discovering that she was the lover of a 25-year-old friend of his … Did he want to make an act of intimidation? But he went there with a loaded gun. Today he has rebuilt a life, he has built a family, he has a small child, but he has not overcome the guilt, he is not free in the soul: there are accounts that do not close.


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