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Tinder: what it is, how it works, costs and opinions

Two figures are enough to understand the enormous success of Tinder in the world: fifty million subscribers and one hundred and forty countries involved. But let’s take a closer look at the world of this dating app and the reason for its success.

What is Tinder?

It is a dating app, which selects partners based on the distance with the other user, using the GPS of the mobile phone. Tinder, launched in 2012, was founded by Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Justin Mateen, Joe Munoz, Dinesh Moorjani, Chris Gylczynski and Whitney Wolfe, who left Tinder to build another dating app, Bumble. .

How does it work?


Downloading Tinder is very simple, just go to the store of your mobile and proceed with the free download. Once downloaded, the app does not present particular difficulties in its use. The first thing to do is to register, which can be done via Facebook or with your mobile number.

Next, you need to complete your own Description by inserting name, age, city, interests (men, women or both), the age range and the maximum distance in km within which to find a partner.

You can also report education and work and share Instagram photos.

Not only that, as regards specifically the profile image, you can choose the photo set on Facebook or one of those present on the social network.

After the initial phase, therefore, you can start using the app, which – at this point – will begin to report a slew of profiles that are located a short distance away (or, better said, within the distance set by the user) .

Starting an acquaintance, therefore, is very simple: just scroll the profiles to the left and go to the next user reported by Tinder or to the right as a sign of appreciation. The conversation with the other user can only start when the like is reciprocal, and the match takes place.

Pro subscriptions and related costs

Tinder Plus

Unlike other apps which, despite being free, allow a rather limited use if you do not choose the Premium solution, Tinder gives the user a much wider range of action. However, with the premium version of the app, the subscriber can enjoy some advantages: for example, the ability to go back after making an unconvinced choice, perhaps dictated by haste.

It is also possible to change the last vote given and remove the advertising sponsors present in the application.

Finally, there is the so-called “Super like”, that is to say a special like that allows you to contact a person you are particularly interested in, with the possibility of being able to send 5 a day.

As just mentioned, therefore, Tinder is a free application that is supported through advertising banners. To be able to exploit the application without limitation and therefore benefit from the advantages listed above, it is necessary to subscribe to Tinder Plus. These are the costs:

  • € 21.99 for one month only
  • 75 € for six months (12.50 per month)
  • € 99.96 for one year (8.33 per month)

Tinder Gold

Using Tinder Gold allows you to get exclusive access to the “Like” feature, so you can see who has shown interest in us before scrolling. Not only that, you can also hide your age or distance from the unwanted user. It’s not over, because – through the Gold version – it is possible to make yourself visible even only to those who have shown interest in us.

While the classic version of the app allows you to meet only users who are in the circumstances, thanks to Tinder Gold there is the opportunity to broaden your reach and meet people who are geographically distant.

Tinder Gold allows you to put an unlimited number of “likes” to users but, above all, makes five “super likes” a day available to the subscriber, thus tripling the possibility of meeting compatible people. Finally, switching to Tinder Gold involves deleting the commercials.

Here are the costs of Tinder Plus:

  • € 32.99 for one month only
  • € 124 for six months (€ 20.67 per month)
  • 165 € for one year (13.75 € per month)

Opinions on Tinder

Here are some reviews from our users. As a matter of privacy, we have used some invented names.

Samanta P.

I downloaded Tinder out of curiosity, I stayed there for a month but in the end I uninstalled it. Not so much for the app itself, which is nice and very simple to use, but rather for the approach of the guys, which is often aimed only at a meeting and away, maybe a few minutes after we met. This most likely comes from the fact that the users you know are not far from you, so some guys think that you just need to put a heart to expect more. In short, wrong and coarse approaches, to the umpteenth idiot I deleted the app.

Giulio S.

Sounds like a huge joke to me! Meanwhile it must be said that there are many fake profiles! Yes, it is true that registration is done via Facebook, but this is certainly not a guarantee of authenticity. Anyone can make a fake account and then link it to Tinder, so let’s not fool ourselves. As if that weren’t enough, I noticed one thing; Since I can’t connect often, due to the work that keeps me busy all day, when I go to log in I realize that my profile has been deleted and I have to log in again! So I wonder, what if all of this happens to force us users to pay and upgrade to premium membership? When in doubt, I have decided to deactivate it.

Thomas Z.

The app works, there are many real profiles and probably some less real. I specify that I have always used it in the free version because I don’t want to spend money to meet people. I started several chats, I also had some meetings, some girls were prettier in photos than in reality, but we know that this risk is encountered. For the rest, in my opinion, those who complain have too high expectations, it is still a dating chat that presents users based on geographical proximity, nothing more.

Gaetano L.

My experience is more than positive! The app is nice, simple and immediate, it is then up to the users to know how to behave and use a kind and respectful approach. I met my girlfriend on Tinder, so I recommend her. I have not switched to Tinder Plus or Gold because it allows good use even without spending money. For the rest, as with all dating apps, you need to be patient and use it intelligently! I recommend it.

Serena U.

My experience is rather funny: until I took away the possibility of seeing my age (I’m 47) almost nobody was looking for me, just think that I chatted with only one man in 12 hours. After taking my age off, I started texting with as many as 20 people. Many of them weren’t interesting at all, but some were. It must be said that I had taken into account all this, after all it is a dating app based only and only on some information and geographical distance. It’s all superficial, but I still hope to meet an intelligent and pleasant man, who wants to go beyond appearances and the very little information available.

Download the app

You can download the app and try to find your soul mate too, here for Android users and here for iOS users.

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