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Alan Walker: Fortune of the DJ

How much money does Alan Walker have?

With his hit “Faded” Alan Walker already conquered the charts in more than 15 countries in 2015. In the meantime, the producer has become an integral part of the music scene and has also made a name for himself as a DJ Walkzz. Alan Walker is also a well-known YouTuber, his channel has more than 34 million followers. The cherished Alan Walker’s net worth is € 13.5 million.

The life of the great artist

Alan Walker's salary
Alan Olav Walker was born on August 24, 1997 in Northampton. At the age of two the DJ moved to Norway with his family. Today he lives there in Fana, Bergen and is one of the most successful Norwegian artists. But Alan Walker is also very respected internationally and enjoys great fame.

Like most children of the 21st century, he grew up with all kinds of technology, but initially did not devote himself to music, but was more interested in computer games, programming and graphic design. Through a video from WhistleAfter seeing it on the YouTube platform, one day he got the idea of ​​producing music himself. His know-how helped him with the implementation and so on he published his first video on YouTube in 2012 as DJ Walkzz. In order to give his music more depth, he learned to play the piano without further ado.

Become a star overnight with YouTube

With his first video he enthused numerous people and was thus able to win over some fans. In 2014 he then signed a record deal. In the same year he released the song Fade on his YouTube channelwhich brought him millions more fans.

Alan Walker's income

His breakthrough came in 2015. Together with the record label Sony Music he produced the hit Fadedwhat a modified form of his song Fade is and translated means faded. With this song he stormed the top of the charts in Norway, Finland, Germany and Austria. The video has been viewed over two billion times on YouTube. The single was sold more than seven million times. Faded is the most successful single of all time in Norway so far. In 2016 Alan Walker won the MTV Europe Music Awards in the category “Best Norwegian Act”.

Alan Walker & his cool image

Alan Walker's fortune
The handsome Brit, who has adopted Norway as his adopted home, is usually with one in public See hooded sweater. The nose and mouth are usually covered by a cloth. Although he shows himself without a mask in public appearances, he revealed in an interview with the online magazine It’s All About The Music: “Well, it’s not the most important thing in the world for me. I just think it’s really cool to be covered and have some kind of artist image because that’s all you need. “

His way of presenting himself seems to resonate with millions of people, because as you can see, Alan Walker is more in demand than ever. Besides his single Faded, which has been awarded platinum in several countries, he achieved worldwide success through songs such as Sing Me to Sleep, Alone and Specter. The advertising revenue generated by his YouTube channel made him a multimillionaire. If Walker is not yet one of the richest DJs, he is well on his way there. His monthly salary on YouTube is up to 500,000 euros.

Music for dreaming

Alan Walker describes himself as someone who likes to try new things. He also lets himself be guided in his music and likes to test different styles of music and mix them with one another. He also enters into collaborations with other musicians and thus creates different songs. For example Time, a great work that was created together with Hans Zimmer. And even if the talented musician doesn’t always know where the music is going, it is certain that you will hear a lot from Alan Walker in the future.

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