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Alexandria Allen

Rape Charges

Alexandria Allen was arrested on a rape charge in Kentucky and is now on a no-contact order, preventing her from communicating with her alleged victim. Although Allen does not have any prior criminal history, she could still be facing more charges if more incidents come to light. The mother of the boy accused Allen of raping him, and she said she saw naked pictures of her son on Allen’s phone.

Is she Innocent 

Allen’s lawyer says she is innocent. She has not admitted to the allegations and is free on bond. She will have to appear in court for a preliminary hearing in February. The boy’s mother reported to police that she found nude photos of Allen on the boy’s cell phone, which was shared by Allen and her son. She also said she was disgusted by the photos, as Allen was her son’s tutor.

Third-degree Rape 

Alexandria Allen has been charged with rape in the third degree. She has a history of engaging in illicit sexual intercourse with her students. Her 15-year-old victim confessed to having sex with Allen on numerous occasions. She has been charged with three counts of third-degree rape. Allen’s mother was also arrested after she learned of the rape. The two victims had sex three times before she was arrested.

Former Teacher

Alexandria Allen was a former substitute teacher in Kentucky. She posted several pictures of herself on social media. Police later arrested her after finding the photos on the boy’s phone. The boy’s mother was alerted by the pictures, and the boy admitted to dating Alexandria Allen. Alexandria Allen has now been arrested three times. She is currently on a no-contact order. This is a serious crime, which should be investigated immediately.

Sex with a teenage Boy

Alexandria Allen was previously employed as a middle school substitute teacher in Georgetown, KY. She was arrested on three counts of third-degree rape. Authorities say that Allen had sex with a teenage boy while in a position of authority. She allegedly raped him at three different locations, including a local hotel and the Hilton Garden Inn.


In addition to being a private tutor, Allen also raped an eighth grade student. In January 2021, her mother discovered the crimes and arrested her. The former student also admitted that she and Allen engaged in illicit physical activities. Allen is now being held on a $2,500 bond after being charged with rape in the third degree.

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