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Damaury Mikula Mugshots


Damaury Mikula is a controversial figure in the entertainment industry. He is an influential blogger, content creator, and lip-matching performer who has become a popular online figure. Although his identity is disputed, he has become an online presence with thousands of followers. If you are curious about the criminal charges against Mikula, then you have come to the right place.

Thousands of Subscribers 

Damaury Mikula has risen to fame over social media and has a massive following on YouTube and TikTok. His videos are widely popular, and have earned him hundreds of thousands of subscribers and almost four million followers on TikTok alone. He claims to earn $400-$500k annually from his content. However, it is still unclear whether he is innocent or guilty of the charges against him.


Police say Mikula did not pull over when they turned on the lights and siren. He continued driving in the direction of State Road 54, and when the trooper’s lights activated, Mikula continued to speed. Eventually, Mikula’s house was located, and the trooper identified him as the driver. Once he had been questioned, Mikula answered the door. He was then arrested and asked if the troopers could tow his Dodge Challenger.

Broke a Red Signal

The arrest of Damaury Mikula has caused rumors to spread all over the internet and on social media. The arrest occurred after Mikula allegedly ran a red signal and was chased by the Florida Highway Patrol. When the officer caught up with Mikula, he was doing a burnout next to the patrol car. He had driven through the red light while being aware of the police lights. Afterward, he continued on to his house, where the officer identified him as the driver.

Drug Offense

Despite his arrest, Mikula has never been suspected of drug offenses. He was arrested once for speeding while a red light was visible, but has never been charged with a drug crime. He and Destiny Akyla are parents of a daughter, Isabella Mikula. Those who follow his social media accounts may be interested in seeing what he’s been accused of.

Behind the Bars

Mikula, who has not made any public comments since his arrest, has been kept behind bars for nearly two weeks. It’s unclear why he was taken into custody, but the arrest may be a criminal matter. If the charges are true, the charges could result in jail time for the rising web star.

YouTube Channel 

Mikula’s arrest and mugshots have caused controversy. He has a YouTube channel and a large social media following. It is unclear if he is still in jail, but fans on his social media account have begun to talk about him. His last appearance on Instagram was on 13 June.


The arrest is unrelated to Mikula’s activities on social media. However, he has been arrested in Pasco County for a crime related to reckless driving and disregard for the safety of other people. His bail was set at $5,000. It is not clear if he is still being held there, or whether he is free on bail.

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