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Ondriel Smith

A Criminal 

Ondriel Smith is an Oklahoma man who is currently serving time for murder. He is accused of shooting his ex-partner in the leg during an altercation. He has also been accused of threatening officers who found him in possession of methamphetamine. Smith is currently being held without bond. He is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. He has a long history of drug abuse. He has committed more than 100 felonies.

Death Plenty is Suitable 

The death penalty is the appropriate punishment for Ondriel Smith. His past crimes have landed him in jail, and the prosecutors are now considering the death penalty for him. The District Attorney for Tulsa, Steve Kunzweiler, has labeled Smith a felon. In addition to his double murder of Williams brothers, Smith has committed numerous other violent crimes.

Behind Bars Since 2018

Smith is currently awaiting trial on several counts of murder. He has been behind bars since September 2018. The charges stem from wrongdoing he committed while in custody. He could face the death penalty if convicted of all charges. On September 11, he was found with methamphetamine in his jail cell. He has been held without bail. His family and friends have a strong support system, and they are awaiting the outcome of the trial.

Other Crimes

Smith’s trial is expected to last for many months. He could end up facing the death penalty for murder. Other charges against him include charges of shooting outside a pizza shop and drug possession while in custody. The guards who questioned Smith found meth on his cell, and he confessed to them. Ultimately, a jury will sentence him to death if he is convicted of the crimes he committed.

Jury is Deliberately on the Case

Ondriel Smith was arrested and charged in the murder of two brothers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Sept. 5. The brothers, Keith and Glynn, had been working at an Incredible Pizza restaurant when they were shot. At the time, Smith was already in jail for the earlier shootings of two people. He is also suspected of two other killings. The jury is still deliberating on the case.

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