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Alleged son demands 150 million euros from William Shatner’s fortune

William Shatner will forever be known to most people as “Captain Kirk” keep in remembrance. And although he has a lot of fans, there are also people who seemingly mean evil to William Shatner. Because now an alleged son speaks up, who is now demanding the equivalent of 150 million euros from the man he calls his father. Radio DJ Peter Sloan is behind the demands. He states that the now 85-year-old William Shatner had already confessed to his fatherhood in the past. However, there does not seem to be any evidence for this, as it is said to have been a purely oral recognition of paternity. However, the Star Trek actor himself publicly denies this. In his indictment, Peter Sloan gives many details that suggest that his mother, Canadian actress Kathy McNeil, met William Shatner before he was born and then had an affair with him. However, Peter was given up for adoption by his mother shortly after he was born. A meeting between Sloane and his potential father allegedly took place in 1984 on the set of “TJ Hooker”. Shortly afterwards, however, Shatner is said to have turned away from the DJ. However, there is also no DNA test.

What is William Shatner’s net worth?

William Shatner has assets of the equivalent of 530 million euros. The former Star Trek star did not earn “the big money” from the successful series itself, but rather from sophisticated self-marketing. In 1997, “Captain Kirk” advertised, where he was paid for in shares in the company. These shares are said to have increased over the years to a total of $ 600 million, the Sun reported. However, he has always denied it himself.

Financial compensation?

William Shatner fortune
Now 59-year-old Peter Sloan finally wants to make his father stand by paternity, at least financially. He sees 44 of the 150 million euros the DJ demands as a kind of compensation for the painthat he suffered through his father’s actions. Sloane is not only outraged that the former Captain Kirk did not admit his paternity, but William Shatner is also said to have damaged the image of the DJ himself. The court documents reveal that Sloane believes the actor may have been behind the deactivation of his Twitter account, which has not been without financial and professional consequences for Sloane. Incidentally, this is not the first time Sloane has taken action against Shatner. He had already started an attempt in 2011. At that time, however, Shatner’s attorneys were able to prevent him from pursuing the lawsuit. The star is just too busy to grapple with charges against his potential son. So far, William Shatner has only spoken publicly with a statement by his press spokesman. It says that he has three wonderful daughters but no son. He was aware of the prosecution, but had nothing more to say, since he was not the prosecutor’s father anyway. So it sounds like DJ Peter Sloane has a bad hand in court at first.

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