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Steve Backshall: Naturalist’s Net Worth & Earnings

How rich is Steve Backshall?

Stephen James Backshall was born in England on April 21, 1973 and is actually known by his nickname Steve Backshall. He is a television presenter, writer and a world-famous natural scientist. He received particular attention through his works for the BBC and National Geographic. The cherished Steve Backshall’s net worth is $ 2 million.

Steve Backshall’s career

Income from Steve Backshall

Under normal circumstances, he grew up in a larger village called Bagshot, in the south of England. The family also ran an animal rescue farm there. So Steve grew up with animals and dealt with them naturally. This laid the foundation for his career as a scientist. Steve Backshall later attended Collingwood College in Camberley and the Salesian College in Farnborough.

When he successfully graduated from college, he traveled through Asia, India and Africa with just a backpack. As a result, he studied drama and English at a university and later biology at the Open University. He then studied martial arts in Japan for a year, which earned him a black belt in judo and a brown belt in karate. As a result of his studies, he also speaks fluent Japanese.

He discovered his talent as a writer early on. Shortly after his return from Japan he worked as guides for tours through Indonesia and Southeast Asia. This enabled him to prove his expertise in natural sciences – the jump to television was not far from that point.

The first job on TV

Credit to Steve Backshall

Steve Backshall wanted to explore the western half of New Guinea on his own and he did so in 1997 – albeit unsuccessfully. So he got the idea to record such trips on video and to create a series from them. He bought a video camera and went into the Colombian jungle. He later successfully sold this pilot to National Geographic. The station tuned it in the following year. Steve Backshall stayed here for five years as a presenter and producer.

Among other things, the EarthPulse environmental series was created within this collaboration. But this was not enough for him, because he always wanted to face new challenges. He completed the boot camp of the Israeli special forces for a series and ran about 100 kilometers overnightso that he receives the red beret.

Broadcasts on BBC and DMAX

In 2003 Steve moved to Backshall The Really Wild Show from the BBC television channel. For this series he made numerous trips to different continents, essentially it was about wildlife challenges. His best-known work “Lost land of the tigers” developed. He stayed with the BBC until 2017.

He worked for Discovery TV in 2008 and 2013, among other things, he swam with large animals, but without the security of a cage. He also made the film King Cobra for Sky One in 2006 and a documentary in 2017 for Channel 5.

DMAX is one of the many broadcasters in the Dicovery broadcasting group. Steve Backshall is of course also represented at DMAX. There you can not only see car hobbyists like Jean Pierre Kraemer and Sidney Hoffmann or gold prospectors like Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets, but also the adventurer Backshall. The Briton explores every remote and dangerous corner of the earth with his camera. You can do this with his series Expedition to the limit follow.

Writing career

Steve Backshall's fortune

Steve Backshall has always been an avid reader and wanted to be a writer himself. When the opportunity arose, he took it directly. In May 2012 he published the first series of one Fiction novel entitled The Falcon Chronicles. He also brought out some wildlife books, which kept his coffers filled.

Book & Documentation Income

During his career on television or as a writer, he sells his books and documentaries, mostly in England. Steve Backshall is less known in German-speaking countries, except for those who are very interested in scientific programs or documentaries. Through the Broadcast of his series on DMAX Steve Backshall will gain more prominence among German viewers.

It has to be with the audience too a book Expedition: Adventures into Undiscovered Worlds quite well received. The adventurer Steve Backshall continues to grow his fortune through the sale of licenses for his documentaries and through book sales.

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