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Amanda Aldridge Cause of Death

Death of Legendary Vocalist 

The death of the legendary Afro-British vocalist and instructor Amanda Aldridge is still a mystery for many. The actress, singer, and musician died on March 9, 1956, after a brief illness. Her cause of death is still unknown, but her tragic life is remembered with a Google doodle. To understand more about Amanda Aldridge, read on. She was the inspiration behind many artists and performers.


Her First Public Appearance 

Aldridge made her first television appearance at age 15 in the British show Music For You. She performed “Little Southern Love Song” by Montague Ring and Muriel Smith. She died from pneumonia at the age of 89. Her death in London is a shocking shock to the music world. Her music had helped inspire millions of people, including Paul Robeson and Roland Hayes. She also appeared on a variety of television shows and received numerous awards.

Career Focused Life

Amanda Aldridge was born on March 10, 1866, in Upper Norwood, London. She was a Christian and completed college at the Royal College of Music. She never married and had no children. She maintained close contact with other students, and took care of two birds during her lifetime. Her death is a shock to her family and the entire literary community. Amanda Aldridge’s legacy will live on through her work and her blog.

Doodle on Google 

Amanda Aldridge was a composer, opera singer, and teacher. Her death came from a brief illness. Her doodle on Google was dedicated to her memory. In addition to her fame, her short life inspired many people. Her death was a cause for curiosity. However, there are several theories as to why she died. If you’re interested in Amanda Aldridge’s cause of death, here are some facts you should know.

Cause Of Her Death

The family of Amanda Aldridge has not released the cause of her death. The family did not release this information until she was dead. The investigation is continuing. The family is asking for help. The Durham County Sheriff’s Office, the Durham Crime Commission, and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation can assist with the investigation. If you have any information on Amanda Aldridge’s death, please let us know.

Gave Lots to Music Industry 

Amanda Aldridge was an internationally acclaimed singer, teacher, and composer. She recorded over 30 songs, produced dozens of musical tracks, and even gave a piano recital at the pre-war Queens Small Hall, where the BBC Symphony Orchestra performed. Amanda Aldridge was an Afro-British opera singer and teacher. Born in Upper Norwood, London, Amanda Christina Elizabeth Aldridge was the daughter of an African-American actor named Ira Aldridge.

Talented Lady

The cause of death of Amanda Aldridge was laryngitis. She was an educator, singer, and composer. She launched more than thirty tracks as a member of the band Montague Ring. She was the third child of her parents and sister to Rachael Aldridge. Her death was the result of a short illness, including laryngitis. Despite her renown, her music and vocals still live on, and her music is a treasure trove for fans to enjoy.

A Voice Teacher 

Aldridge had a varied career that included piano accompaniment, voice teaching, and concert singing. She also devoted herself to teaching, and even became a voice teacher for two students, lyric tenor Roland Hayes and jazz singer Lawrence Benjamin Brown. Despite her throat condition, she left a legacy in the British music scene. Her parlour music style merged various rhythmic influences and sold wildly.


After retiring from performing on stage, Amanda Aldridge began composing music under the pseudonym Montague Ring. Aldridge composed operatic songs, sambas, and light orchestral pieces under the pseudonym. She was born in Upper Norwood, London, the daughter of an African-American actor named Ira Frederick Aldridge. She studied voice at the Royal College of Music, where she studied counterpoint and harmony with Frederick Bridge and George Henschel.

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