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Suppremmedj is an internationally famous DJ who runs the fashion label Lazy Workshop. His Instagram account is full of photos of his daily life and he is known to have a huge following. However, since February 2022, he has not been active on his social platforms and people are wondering what has happened to him. Suppremmedj calls himself the king of the lazy drip and has received two Grammy awards for his Lazy Drip fashion style.

Shocking Death

He has not revealed his real name, but he was born in July 1999. The musician and entrepreneur has been associated with several social media stars such as Tayler Holder and Tana Mongeau. The musician passed away on March 29, 2019 and his family has also expressed their grief on social media. However, they did not release the exact date of his death. The death was a shock to the social media world, but fans will certainly miss him.

Rumors about His Death

In February 2022, Suppremmedj was missing from the public scene. There are rumors that he had died in an accident, but these rumors are far from the truth. While there is no official confirmation of the singer’s death, some fans have tweeted that Suppremmedj had died. Some have speculated that he was in a car accident the day before his disappearance, while others think that he may have passed away in a boat accident.

Condolences From Big Stars

It is not yet known what caused Suppremmedj’s death, but the internet has gone crazy with tributes and obituary data. Fans of the DJ have been flooding his Instagram account with news about his eulogy, while celebrities verified to be his fans have shared their own tributes. One such tribute was by Nickbean. A number of other popular people, including Justin Bieber, have also posted their memories and condolences.


Supreme Dj’s net worth has been estimated to be two million dollars by March 2022. While that estimate is based on an assumption, the actual number may be much higher. His death came as a shock to many, including his family and close friends. He was only twenty-two years old when he passed away. However, his social media presence has been worth millions, as he won two Grammy awards.

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