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Melissa Vallecilla

Good News

Actress Melissa Vallecilla is expecting her first child. The actress recently confirmed that she is pregnant via social media. However, she has not given any details about her relationship with Carlos Santana. The couple got engaged in January 2022. However, there has been no news about their relationship in the media. Melissa Vallecilla and Carlos Santana were once engaged but later separated.

No Public Announcement about Son

Melissa Vallecilla is still mum about her baby girl’s rostro, but she has admitted that she would like to have a sibling. Currently on a tour in Europe with Yailin, Melissa has not said much about her son. However, she has taken a paternity test which was 99% positive. She has not made any public statements about the details of her son, but she has shared photos of her daughter with fans on Instagram.

Excited Fans

Melissa Vallecilla’s Instagram followers are affixed to the news of her pregnancy. The reguetonero has begun to develop physical characteristics and the baby’s mother has been in touch with her followers on Instagram. Fans of both Melissa and Anuel are wondering which child she gave birth to. This new development has prompted many fans to speculate whether this is the alleged child of Melissa Vallecilla.

No Father of upcoming Baby

Despite the fact that Anuel AA has a long history of child-parenting, Melissa Vallecilla has not confirmed the father of the fetus. It is rumored that she had an illicit relationship with Anuel AA. After Melissa Vallecilla told Anuel that she was pregnant, he demanded a pre-birth paternity test, which came back positive 99.9% of the time.

Her Relationship With Anuel AA

Melissa Vallecilla has a long-term relationship with rapper Anuel AA. She has been engaged to him since January 2022, but later rumors said that they are separated.They have been spotted together in Houston, Miami, and Houston. Apparently, Melissa Vallecilla and Anuel are still in love. If they are indeed dating, this relationship could be a great opportunity for a healthy, happy family.


Melissa Vallecilla is the mother of Gianella Gazmey Vallecilla. She is also the co-parent of Anuel AA. Melissa Vallecilla claims that Gianella is her daughter. Gianella has not publicly acknowledged Melissa as her biological mother. Despite the rumor, the actress has kept her relationship with her ex-husband, Anuel AA, announcing that she is pregnant.

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