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Andreas Gabalier: The fortune of the people’s rock ‘n’ roller

How rich is Andreas Gabalier?

A former legal scholar who ultimately earned his million dollar fortune with music. This description applies to Andreas Gabalier. Of course, today’s star did not graduate from law studies. Because his folk music was very well received from the start. He describes himself as a folk rock ‘n’ roller. His debut album immediately reached number 4 in the charts. After just under a month there was gold. In total, Andreas Gabalier was in the charts for 260 weeks with his very first album. The five-fold platinum award was assured for him. The cherished Andreas Gabalier’s net worth is 15 million euros.

The big breakthrough for the Austrian

Andreas Gabalier's income
The Austrian artist owes his fame in neighboring Germany above all to a performance at Carmen Nebel’s show in 2011. Although his song “I sing a Liad für di” was not supposed to be released in Germany, he immediately made it to 65th place on the Media Control Charts with precisely this song. Also in Germany he had a breakthrough.

The fact that this song was so well received and that there were more and more unofficial remixes prompted the music label Universal to finally release the title for the German market. This song made it to number 9 in the singer’s homeland. In Germany, it made it to number 30. With his second album, the singer achieved an even bigger victory. Because that Album “Herzwerk” was able to secure the pole position in the charts. That should take a full 64 weeks, but at least Gabalier was now at the top of the chart.

Andreas Gabalier chasing records

In the meantime, Andreas Gabalier can also compete with the greats of folk music. After all, there is only one album that has been in the top 10 of the Austrian album charts for a longer period of time. Helene Fischer deserves this honor with her LP “Farbenspiel.” “Herzwerk” by Andreas Gabalier was after all 82 weeks in the top 10 represent. While this album was still one of the ten best in the charts, the artist managed another feat in his home country. His albums “Da komm ‘ich her” and “Volks-Rock’n’Roller” were also in the top 10 at the same time over a period of three weeks.

Andreas Gabalier's fortune
So anyone who thinks that folk music doesn’t catch on is very wrong. The singer has already sold more than two million records and won an echo as a singer of folk music in March 2012. From the From Bambi to Amadeus, the Austrian wins loads of prizes. Since then, its popularity has grown significantly, at least in Germany. This can also be traced back to the VOX series “Sing my Song – The Exchange Concert”, in which Gabalier was seen alongside Xavier Naidoo, among others. That Xavier Naidoo with the cover of a Gabalier song then landed at number 12 in the charts, can be described as curious. Whereas the original only made it to number 18 on the charts. However, this also shows that Xavier Naidoo is an established figure, at least in Germany. Very few artists can match it. However, Xavier Naidoo has been an integral part of the German music scene for a long time.

Other lines of business

Andreas Gabalier has a few additional sources of income opened up for themselves. He earns money not only with his music, but also with handkerchiefs and his own collection of traditional costumes. But there are more merchandise here that fill Gabalier’s coffers. For example sunglasses, fabric deer and the Jacques Lemans watch. In addition to CD and concert ticket sales, there are also appearances on television. Likewise, Gabalier’s work as an advertising face – his fortune will keep growing with all of this!

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