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Andrew Camarata Net Worth


The amount of money Andrew Camarata has earned is immense. After working endlessly on the fields with his father, Camarata decided to make his net worth on YouTube. Andrew’s YouTube channel has amassed 990K subscribers. Despite his varied career, Camarata is most famous for his YouTube videos. In fact, he has made up to $450 million from his videos alone! So, how does he keep up with all of this?


Andrew Camarata was born on November 12, 1985. He is currently 37 years old and works as an engineer for a company called Camarata Construction and Property Maintenance. His father taught him everything he knows about the business world and served as his role model throughout his childhood. His sons, Levi and Daisy, are his only children and he often posts pictures of them on social media. Andrew also adopts dogs, Daisy and Levi, from the same litter as his son.


Born in the United States, Andrew Camarata is an American citizen of White ethnicity. He stands at a height of five feet and eight inches. His weight is 65 kilograms. He has brown hair and green eyes and prefers to maintain a low profile. He also has two golden retriever dogs, named Oscar and Daisy. Despite his success and wealth, Andrew Camarata has maintained a low profile and remains modest.

Famous Youtube Channel

One of the most popular ways that Andrew earns his net worth is through his YouTube channel. He has over 1.4 million subscribers and has uploaded 535 videos. The most popular video has over 26 million views! His popularity on the site also allows him to make money selling merchandise. His YouTube channel is a profitable business for him. While YouTube may not be the best place for earning money, it does help Andrew’s cause.

A Bright Vision

His passion for helping people has paid off. Andrew is a skilled tradesman and has a YouTube channel. His videos have over seven hundred thousand subscribers and 275 million views. His goal is to build a battleship in the future. As of now, Andrew’s net worth is estimated to be over $160 million. However, he’s not too happy spending most of his time working on his YouTube channel.

Success Journey

Andrew Camarata’s net worth is derived from his YouTube channel and his career in construction. Andrew Camarata started his career in the construction industry as the son of a mechanic. He then developed a passion for the digital world and went on to study Computer Science at college. He also adopted two Golden Retrievers, named Daisy and Levi, when he was twenty-four. Andrew Camarata also started his own construction and renovation company in 2009. He began his business with just one truck in 2009 and now employs over forty workers.

Sources of Income

The entrepreneur has built his business around two main sources of income: Camarata Property Maintenance and YouTube ads. The company earns around $500K per year. However, he does not have a girlfriend at present. Camarata’s net worth has remained unannounced. The company he runs is estimated to be worth more than $1 million. The company itself has 480 million YouTube views.

Successful Businessman

Although Andrew Camarata is a successful businessman, he has yet to marry. He is currently focused on his career and does not wish to commit himself to a long-term relationship. Despite his success in YouTube, the entrepreneur maintains his life by doing other things he loves. He owns a clothing line, a production company, and performs property maintenance work. He resides in Saugerties, New York.


Andrew Camarata net worth is not known but his success as a vlogger on youtube is increasing day by day. He has more than nine hundred thousand subscribers on his channel and averages between 25k to 1 million views on each video. He has a large fan following across several social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. If you want to learn more about Andrew Camarata’s net worth, it’s time to check out his Youtube channel. There are numerous ways to make money online through vlogging.

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