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Buster Welch Net Worth

A Great Inspiration

The net worth of Buster Welch is unknown. The legendary horse trainer and farmer passed away at the age of 94 due to age-related health problems. Despite his massive net worth, Buster Welch had a relatively low public profile. He was a significant contributor to his community and a great inspiration. His legacy lives on in his many fans, and it’s hard to imagine him without them.

Beginning of Success 

Buster Welch is worth $4 million. His net worth comes from his fame on the television show Yellowstone. The show chronicles the lives of six extraordinary ranchers. Welch first achieved prominence in the series when he was just thirteen years old. At age 18, he started competing with Chickaska Mike, a legendary slicing horse. By the end of the season, he became the first person to win the World Championship title.


In addition to training cutting horses, Buster Welch also founded a company called B Lazy W. His efforts have earned him numerous awards and accolades. In addition to the National Spur Award, Buster Welch has also won the Western Horseman award. He has also been inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. Despite his impressive achievements,  Welch’s net worth is estimated by various online sources.

Net Worth

The net worth of Buster Welch is approximately $4 million. The cutting horse rider has won four world championships and is a rancher. In addition, he owns a meat brand, has a large ranch and many expensive horses. Overall, he earns $277,000 per month. The amount of money that he earns is substantial, but the most prominent source of his income is his own ranch.


After losing his parents at an early age, Buster Welch was raised by his grandparents. He went to school only once, and at the age of thirteen, he started working. He tended to a herd of cattle, and later moved on to other ranches. In addition to his career, he is a well-known author. His book, The Buster Welch Handbook, was released in 2011.

Married Life

He married Sheila Welch in the early 1980s. The two of them had two children before meeting. Together, they had six children, including stepchildren and biological children. Buster Welch net worth is expected to be at least $4 million by 2022. So, how much money does Buster Welch have? We’ll find out later on. And, in the meantime, stay tuned. There’s plenty of money to be made, so get ready for a busy year.


Among the people with Buster Welch’s net worth are his children and his wife. The two have been together for more than 40 years, and their children are the reason why they met. Buster Welch net worth has increased considerably over the years.


Buster Welch was born on 23 May 1928 near Sterling City, Texas. His success as a cutting horse trainer has seen him become inducted into several halls of fame. The National Cutting Horse Association Riders and Members Hall of Fame are among the many honors he has received. The Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame and the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame have both been honoured with his achievements.

Meat Brands

In addition to his multiple titles and high-quality horses, Buster has a large wealth. He also owns a ranch in Texas and a meat brand called McMormick’s. It is expected that his net worth will reach two hundred and fifty thousand dollars continuously by 2022. The beef brand he has partnered with has contributed significantly to his net worth. By 2022, he will be earning upwards of $250,000 per year from his beef business alone.


In addition to his impressive net worth, Buster Welch’s entrepreneurship led to a second business. His wife started a company that sells beef and grass-fed cattle. They have become an internationally recognized brand. They also have their own beef company, B Lazy W. And their children are now raising and selling cattle for the first time. And they are not the only ones who are reaping the benefits of Buster’s success!

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