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Angus McMullen is a YouTuber and music video director. His channel has over 27,000 subscribers and has been active for over a year. Angus also enjoys playing basketball and paintball. He has considered being a rapper, but has yet to make the leap. His social media profiles include Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. His most popular posts are about his music. Angus also enjoys experimenting with different languages, and has a strong following on these platforms.


Twin Sisters

Angus Cloud has two younger twin sisters. While the other members of his family are kept out of the limelight, his younger siblings are still in the spotlight. However, the star keeps his personal life out of the public eye. In 2019, Angus Cloud and his family attended the Season 1 premiere of ‘Euphoria’. Their mother and father live in Oakland, California. Their youngest sister is named Sydney Sweeney.

Are They Dating


In addition to her twin sister, Angus Cloud also refers to his sisters’ Zendaya and Sweeney. The two attended the same Oakland charter school. Although they are about two years apart, their similarities make fans assume that they have crossed paths in the past. Although there are no details of their romantic life, it’s likely that the two had some mutual friends or even a boyfriend at one point.

Jaden Walton

Despite being so young, Angus Cloud’s younger sister falls for Jaden Walton, a co-star on ‘Euphoria.’ The two are twins, but Jaden had to stay home due to Covid restrictions. The restrictions were lifted in time for season two, however. This is what makes the euphoric fans fall in love with the star. If Jaden Walton wants to date Angus Cloud, he should give her a chance.


‘Euphoria’ Series

Angus Cloud was born on July 10, 1994 in Oakland, California, USA. He has three acting credits and has appeared in two movies. During the first season of his role in the television series ‘Euphoria,’ he played Fezco, a sidekick on the show. The series won seven Primetime Emmys for the actor, which gave him a name that evokes a connection to the acclaimed actor.


His Character in Series

Angus Cloud’s character in ‘Euphoria’ is a drug dealer. His character, Fezco, has been compared to Mac Miller’s on the show. Both men dropped out of high school and are now drug dealers. While the two men are different, the two share a similar relationship with Rue, and they both care deeply about her sobriety. The two exes have a great deal in common.

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