Antique Finish Silver Coins

Coin collecting has received much publicity lately, and for good reason. The scope of items available for collection is expanding seemingly exponentially every day. From the standard BU to proofs to colored versions, the options are many. Throw into the mix coins with an antique finish and you have a plethora of new choices.

2022 Chad Chinese Sexagenary Cycle Series: Tiger In The Forest 2 Ounce Silver HR Antiqued

 This beautiful coin is an ode to the ancient method of calculating dates: the Chinese sexagenary cycle. The coin has a stunning design of the tiger prowling in the forest. With only 500 minted pieces, this is a must-have for collectors and/or fans of the Chinese mythology series. It has a 10000 francs face value and contains the insctiptions “REPUBLIQUE DU TCHAD” in addition to “10000 FRANCS CFA.” On the reverse is a tiger emerging from the jungle. On the lower right of the tiger are the Chinese characters for “Ren Yen Year” inside of a red ink stamp. A Chinese-style border encircles in tiger. On the right side is inscribed “Tiger in the Forest” and the Chinese characters for the phrase to the right. Its impeccable silver antique finish, along with its stunning design, makes this a must-have!

2022 Tokelau Auspicious Dragon Zodiac Pairings: Chinese Dragon & Tiger 2 Ounce Silver Antiqued HR

Do you like a coin that tells a story? This antique coin represents the connection between the auspicious dragon with the third animal in the Chinese zodiac: the tiger. This is an exceptional pairing that brings out favorable influences for the lunar year and for your bullion collection.

2022 Niue Alchemist 2 Ounce Silver Antique Coin

Minted by the prestigious New Zealand Mint, this highly finessed coin is an excellent 0.999 silver antique coin with a very limited mintage of just 500 coins globally. This breathtaking coin comes with a 3D insert that glows in the dark, adding to the charm. The inscriptions are:  “ELIZABETH II. NIUE ISLAND . 5 DOLLARS. 2022.” It has been supported by the government of Niue and contains the inscription ‘Alchemist’ at the back. 

2021 Cook Islands Batman 2 Ounce Silver Antique

This beautiful piece is a great addition for collectors, especially those who are also DC Comics fans! This silver antiqued coin adds yet another saga to Batman history. This antiqued silver coin with gold coloring comes in a collectable-themed display case with a Certificate of Authenticity. Ian Rank-Broadley’s effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is on the obverse. Overall, its powerful imagery of the cape whirling in the breeze resembling bat wings and the pure grit of batman is displayed powerfully. The top rim has the inscription ‘Batman’ and copyright and trademark notices of DC comics.

2022 Niue Jurassic World Mosasaurus Shaped 2 Ounce Silver Antiqued

Fans of the “Jurassic Park” film series and coin collectors will enjoy the latest 2022 Niue Jurrasic World Mosasaurus-shaped collectable. It comes from the officially licensed “Jurrasic World” product. This coin is unique in that it has been antiqued by hand and gives off a tinge of blue that makes it exquisite. The coin is in the shape of a mososaurus. On the obverse is the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse features a full-body profile of Mosasaurus, exposing its powerful jaws and razor-sharp teeth. 

Keep adding valuable, highly collectable coins to your ever-expanding coin collection, and explore the wide range of high-quality silver antique coins offered at BOLD Precious Metals!


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