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August Fetterman – The 34th Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania

Among the many issues that can shape a senator’s fortunes is his physical appearance. Fetterman is six-foot-eight, tattooed and goateed.

He was born in 1969 and is the son of Karl and Susan Fetterman. He studied finance at Albright College and worked in insurance before becoming mayor of Braddock.

Born in 1969

August Fetterman was born on 15th of August 1969 in West Reading, Pennsylvania. He is an American politician who serves as the 34th lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania.

The Democrat served as mayor of Braddock for eight years, and defied a 1996 law that banned same-sex marriage. He is also the author of a memoir.

During his campaign, Fetterman said he would make every county in Pennsylvania his priority. He also vowed to protect the rights of women, including to have an abortion.

In May 2022, a few days before the Senate primary election, Fetterman was hospitalized after suffering a stroke. He returned to the campaign, however, and won in a landslide. He continued to struggle with lingering auditory-processing issues associated with his stroke.

Educated at Albright College

A bachelor’s degree from Albright College and a master’s degree from Harvard University aren’t what you might expect from someone whose career is focused on the poor and the criminal justice system. But Fetterman drew inspiration from the experiences of his childhood in York County.

He volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, which helped him develop a belief that poverty could be addressed through community service and social programs. He also worked with the nonprofit AmeriCorps and was a teacher for Pittsburgh students pursuing their GEDs.

He’s a strong believer in the need for criminal justice reform. He also supports the legalization of marijuana and a higher minimum wage.

Worked in insurance

Before he became mayor of Braddock, Fetterman worked in the insurance industry, according to Federal Election Commission records. He also taught through AmeriCorps.

His father, Karl Fetterman, owned an insurance agency in York, and Fetterman followed him into the business. He earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from Albright College and an MBA from the University of Connecticut.

He is currently running for the Senate in Pennsylvania. He is a populist progressive who supports Medicare for All, a Green New Deal and sweeping reforms to the criminal justice system.

Volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Despite his father’s position as an insurance industry executive, august fetterman was drawn to volunteer work. He volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and other organizations that worked towards social justice and poverty alleviation.

Fetterman’s decision to get involved with public service came after his friend died in a car accident. He says this tragic event prompted him to change his mind about following his father’s career path and become more focused on the needs of the community.

As a result, Fetterman became a strong proponent of social justice and community development. He established several organizations that focus on these issues, including Braddock Redux and the Free Store.

Mayor of Braddock

Fetterman’s role as the Mayor of Braddock, a town that had been decimated by the decline of American steel, was to create a safe, just and beautiful place to live. Using his skills as a former AmeriCorps volunteer and a Harvard graduate with a master’s degree in public policy, Fetterman began to rebuild the town through new programs, green urban renewal and economic development.

He focused on developing city green spaces, youth-oriented programming and urban gardens. He also worked to attract artists and other creatives to the community. He pushed for more affordable housing and worked to create a new community center.

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