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Aurora Ramazzotti: age, boyfriend, acne, parents, TV programs, Instagram

Aurora Ramazzotti he is a very popular character on social media for his frankness, originality and sympathy. Strongly ironic and self-deprecating, she managed to remove the stereotype of the registered letter. Twice daughter of art, super famous mom and dad, she is a girl of spice and grit. Let’s get to know it better.

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Who is Aurora Ramazzotti?

Aurora Ramazzotti is an extraordinary girl, a very popular character on social media for her frankness, originality and sympathy. Strongly ironic and self-deprecating, she managed to remove the stereotype of the usual registered letter. Twice daughter of art, super famous mom and dad, she is all spice and grit, mature and determined.

Here you are Aurora Ramazzotti / Photo: Woman Glamor


Aurora Ramazzotti is 25 years old: she was born in Milan on December 5, 1996, under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.


Aury’s boyfriend is called Goffredo Cerza. It is she herself who denies all the rumors of an alleged air of crisis in their love story, publishing on her Instagram profile a romantic photograph that still portrays them together and more and more in love than ever.

Aurora Ramazzotti and her boyfriend, Goffredo Cerza / Photo: Instagram

Aury and Goffredo have been together for four years, they are a very close couple with many interests in common.

Aurora Ramazzotti and acne

An awareness that of Aurora Ramazzotti that leads her to speak from the heart to the people who follow her, attracting even those who have never seen or heard her. Linked to skin positivity, Aurora communicates with the whole world through the Instagram stage, even those difficult and painful personal paths that lead her to find the right path. And with the positivity that distinguishes her, Aury spoke in a simple way about her acne, publishing her photos without make-up in 2021, making her followers aware of the arduous road she has taken to cure it. I have chosen to fully share what Aurora wrote in her personal profile, precisely so that her words can be an example for all people who struggle to accept themselves.

Aurora: acne and the courage to be true / Photo: La Repubblica

It has been almost a year since I started my path to treating acne. Yes, in short, the last path I had allowed myself before giving up on the fact that it would never go away. Before starting it I had tried everything. I’ve done every possible test imaginable (really), stopped eating a lot of foods that I thought I was intolerant of, and seen so many of those specialists that I lost hope. Why fighting with your skin is like this: if you haven’t tried it you can’t understand how frustrating it is not being able to find the cause. Each attempt is a lottery game and, when it goes wrong, a defeat to be cashed and worked out.

Well this year I can say that it was different, because I was no longer interested in finding the cause. I abandoned myself in the hands of a person who, on the skin (ironically?) Inspired me with confidence. I learned to trust, to appreciate the path (turbulent, sometimes incomprehensible) to love my skin and not want to hide it even when I struggled to look in the mirror. So much so that lately the same mirror has lost its importance, I don’t fight it anymore, and when I come across it I don’t feel like celebrating for the results obtained because I understood that the skin speaks to us. Instead of mistreating her with products that only worsen the situation and weigh her down with unnecessary drugs – conditioned by what we read and see around – she is treated, in the true sense of the word, with constancy, delicacy and love.

Constance, self-love, patience, courage and zero shame: Aurora Ramazzotti’s top tips to improve and accept yourself / Photo: YouTube

From then on, she will make us understand when she is good or bad. It is enough to know how to listen to it and accept it for what it is. And above all, even if it is difficult, never give up because one day, like me today, you will stop to think about the path and you will have to smile. I wish everyone to find a person who knows how to transmit love for the skin even when it seems to us that there is absolutely nothing to love. I promise you that at the end of the journey you will hardly remember the moments when you wanted to tear that damn skin from you. On the contrary, you’ll thank her for teaching you how to give a damn.

Aury yesterday and today. Same clear eyes and unchanged desire for positivity and will to live / Photo: Vanity Fair


Michelle Hunziker is Aurora Ramazzotti’s mother. Michelle is a true show business professional with always smiling eyes. Sunny and self-deprecating, she is a very talented TV presenter, capable of covering at the same time the roles of actress, singer, dancer, voice actress, model and mother trio of three wonderful daughters: Aurora, Sole and Celeste. A unique character who has managed to be loved by audiences of all ages, involving the spectators with her carefree, cheerfulness and joie de vivre.

Michelle Hunziker and Aurora Ramazzotti / Photo: Caffeina Magazine

Eros Ramazzotti is Aurora’s father. Surely such a famous name needs no introduction. Eros is one of the most famous Italian songwriters, acclaimed pop star not only in the peninsula but also internationally. There are many of his songs that have traced the history of Italian music and that remain linked to indelible moments for many of his fans.

Eros and Aurora Ramazzotti / Photo: Music Fanpage

Eros Ramazzotti dedicated the song The Aurora to his daughter, called Aurora. In the text of the song, inspired by the joy for the birth of his first child, the singer-songwriter also hopes that many things will go better in the future and that the child is therefore the serenity that he promises.

eros ramazzotti wedding

Eros and Michelle Hunziker on their wedding day, with little Aurora

A marriage that of Aurora Ramazzotti’s parents who made Italy dream, celebrated in 1998 and whose end was made official in 2002 with the separation. Today Eros and Michelle have new lives, new companions and even other children but the strong bond with their eldest daughter Aurora has remained unchanged. Indeed, in her famous mum and dad see a trusted friend, a confidant and also a support, being the brilliantly aware and mature girl.

TV Programs

Aurora Ramazzotti’s career is in full swing: presenter, correspondent, radio speaker, always ready with her curiosity to involve the public in her projects. His programs for television and radio stations are as follows:

  • X-Factor 10 – day time, Sky (2016 – 2017);
  • can bet – game show, Canale 5 (2018);
  • The Flight – social corner, Rtl 102.5 (2019);
  • Zeta generation, Radio Zeta (2019) – presenter;
  • Every morning, Tv 8 (2020) – sent;
  • Mystery Land, Italy 1 (from October 2021).

Aurora Ramazzotti and Alvin in the new Italia 1 program Mystery Land (from October 2021) / Photo: Gossip and Entertainment

Instagram by Aurora Ramazzotti

The very nice Aurora Ramazzotti has long since exceeded the 2 million followers on her Instagram profile, a sign that we are dealing with an amazing and super following character. If you too want to be part of his following and not miss any updates in real time, click HERE.

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