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Ayanna Davis Video

Viral Video

The Ayanna Davis video is a disturbing and shocking video that has caused a huge stir. The video shows a student having sex with an adult. The video was uploaded to Snapchat and went viral, with the school football team sharing it. The school has since banned the teacher and the student. The video has also prompted an investigation into the incident. Authorities have not given any details about the age of the victim, but it is unclear whether or not the video was shared in public.

Snapchat Sex Video

The video shows a woman who is 30, an English teacher, having sex with a student. It was recorded over two days at the LakeLand High School and the student’s home. The two had sex twice. The student recorded the encounters on her Snapchat and showed the video to a group of high school football players. After one of the players notified the school resource officers, the investigation began.

Video Leaked

During the investigation, police and the student gathered information about the video and accused the substitute teacher of sexual battery. Davis has been arrested and charged. The video shows the teacher having intimate sex with the student. The video was leaked online and began spreading among students. The Lakeland Police Department and school resource officers became aware of the video, and on December 10th, 2021, Davis was arrested for the alleged crimes.


Ayanna Davis has been arrested and charged with a felony of sexual battery. The incident occurred at a Lakeland High School and was first reported by a student. After the incident, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office joined the investigation. Davis’s home is outside of the city limits. The investigation found that Davis and the student had unprotected sex on four separate occasions, including the student’s home.

Massive Controversies

The video was posted on Snapchat and is quickly making its way across the web. It has received a lot of attention from social media users and is causing a massive controversy. Although the video has since been deleted, Davis has kept her private phone number and Twitter account. Nevertheless, Ayanna Davis has not publicly acknowledged this video, so the public has no idea if the video is authentic or not.

She did it for Sexual Pleasure

The video was shared with other students at the high school and a student reported the video to the school’s administration. According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, the encounters were a violation of sexual battery laws. It is believed that Davis acted on a victim in a position of influence and exploited it for her own sexual pleasure.

A Substitute Teacher 

Ayanna Davis was a substitute teacher at a high school in Florida when she had an encounter with a student. She has admitted to having unprotected sex with the student. As a result, she has been charged with a felony. She has also been barred from working in Polk County, and she is currently without a job. The police are continuing their investigation. This shocking video is making headlines online.


The Ayanna Davis video is disturbing because it reveals the sexual encounter between an adult and a child. The video was shared amongst students of Lakeland High School in Florida. Since the video became public, the school has taken steps to ensure that it is safe for employees. They have a responsibility to check the background of anyone who is hired to work in their schools.

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