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Tiktok star, Babyjuicyfruit, has changed her Instagram handle to babyjuicyfruit. She has mentioned that her previous account was banned. The Tiktok star recently appeared in an online interview and requested her followers to follow her profile. Over the past few days, her account has gained thousands of new followers. The following of Babyjuicyfruit on social media has grown by leaps and bounds. Here’s what you need to know about the star.

No Social Media Biography

Savannah J Airspeed is the real name of the child behind Baby Juicy Fruit. The child has not revealed much about her past and early love life. The star has a Twitter account, but no Wikipedia biography. But she does appear active on Twitter and Tiktok. So how do you know if Baby Juicy Fruit is real? It might surprise you to know that she doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. Nevertheless, she continues to upload videos to both of these platforms on a daily basis.

18+ Content 

The username of Babyjuicyfruit was @babyjuicyfruit. Her bio reads “Mrs. seductress.” She has between 80k and 100k followers on the platform. The content of her TikTok videos is often 18+ and thus, is not appropriate for children. The account is still accessible on TikTok, but you can’t recover the previous information. You can check it by following the account, but it might be difficult to get the previous information back if it’s already deleted.

Banned Account

Savannah J Airspe, known by the moniker Babyjuicyfruit, is an Australian social media star. She has become popular on Instagram and gained more than 33k followers. While the account may have been banned without notice, Savannah’s real identity is still unknown. However, it appears she is an avid music fan. She has even paid tribute to a former assistant basketball coach Joey Rodriguez, calling her angels. But, even though she is a social media star, she does like to keep her fans updated with her activities.

Talk of the Town

While it is difficult to track down the original Babyjuicyfruit, she is a dynamic web personality with a strong following. Although it is not widespread yet, she hopes to change his record soon. The web has become a very small place, and people can connect with anybody. While Babyjuicyfruit can’t be found on social media, she’s a hit on the platform and is the talk of the town.


Unlike many other TikTok videos, Babyjuicyfruit’s popularity has grown largely thanks to the social media star’s unique brand of content creation. He has an excellent grasp of beauty and health and has won the hearts of the TikTookay community. But, there’s a catch. She has been banned twice before – once for posting content that is only meant for 18+ viewers. While her fans may have been scared of being scammed, others have decided to ignore the teen sensation for the sake of a good time.

Instagram Fame

After gaining fame on the internet, Babyjuicyfruit decides to take it to the next level by turning to Instagram. She’s working hard to earn money online and become a star on the social media platform. Though her account has been banned twice in the past, she still keeps on putting in her effort. The success of Babyjuicyfruit on Instagram is no accident. She has been banned twice, but she continues to work hard to earn the fame and fortune she desires.


Aside from her TikTok account, Baby Juicy Fruit also has a Twitter account and an Instagram account. She’s garnering a lot of popularity through her aesthetic content and videos. She has also created an account on Onlyfans where fans can see exclusive content and interact with her personally. Although Baby Juicy Fruit has been active on social media for years, two of her accounts were removed due to inappropriate content. Nevertheless, her popularity has not decreased.

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