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Wazir Begum


The name Wazir Begum is an Arabic Girl name that means Woman Who Manages Affairs. The name originated in the Arab world and is used today in the Islamic world. It has two other meanings, khrfrm and khtwn. They both mean “approved for the gender of girls”.

Huge Family

Wazir Begum was married in 1960, and lived a life filled with children. She had nine children, but they all died young. Her youngest son, Jalaluddin, died of heart failure in 1960. Wazir Begum and Gama had nine children together. The couple had no estimated net worth. But her granddaughter married Nawaz Sharif. Wazir Begum’s net worth is unknown, however, despite her many accomplishments.

Her Husband 

In fact, the Great Gama had a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million. His wealth was substantial, as the average wrestler earned only $51,537 per year. His career had earned him that much money in the long term. And he lived a life that was well-worth living. The Great Gama was certainly happy with the money. However, the average wrestler salary in the United States is $51,537, so the Great Gama was a wealthy person.


She was having Indian nationality and her religion was islam. She married an Indian wrestler Gama. The couple had an estimated net worth of  $1 million and $5 million at the time of death.

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