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Bastian Pastewka: The Comedian’s Fortune

How rich is Bastian Pastewka?

Bastian Pastewka has shaped the German comedy landscape more than anyone else. It is therefore not surprising that the Bochum native is worth several million euros. Luck is also on his side in his private life. He has been in a relationship with his wife since 2004. However, the couple has remained childless so far. The comedian was able to book his greatest successes on his account from the 1990s. At that time he became a favorite of the TV audience with “Die Wochenshow”. Later he also got his own show called “Pastewka.” Bastian Pastewka has a net worth of 7 million euros.

A popular and successful comedian

Income from Bastian Pastewka
In 1999 a representative survey by the polling institute Fora even showed that Bastian Pastewka was the most popular comedian in the entire country at the time. His many awards also indicate that his work is well received by audiences and critics alike. From the German Comedy Prize to the Adolf Grimme Prize and the Golden Camera, the star has already secured a number of extremely prestigious awards. Pastewka is also very successful as a voice actor, for example he spoke the main character of the same name in the children’s book adaptation Stuart Little.

Whether on TV, in the theater or in the audio book sector, as well as as an author, the career of the Cologne and Berlin resident is now based on many pillars. His wife, Heidrun Buchmaier, also has an artistic streak. After all, she works as the managing director of an artist agency. Her husband is one of the many celebrities who never finished their studies. After Bastian Pastewka grew up in Bonn and successfully passed his Abitur at the Clara-Schumann-Gymnasium there in 1991, he first completed his community service. On the other hand, he only started studying sociology, German and pedagogy without graduating. As early as 1993 he hung up his graduate hat.

Bastian Pastewka’s impressive career

Bastian Pastewka already appeared as a comedian during his student days. Together with Keirut Wenzel, Oliver Bröker and Bernhard Hoecker he called the “Comedy crocodiles“Into life. The men performed together in the Cologne-Bonn region. The group lasted until 1997, while Pastewka was seen on television for the first time in 1994. At that time, the comedian was allowed to slip into the role of a spinach in a WDR report. So his career in the flicker box already got off to a hilarious start.

Bastian Pastewka's fortune
It was, however “The weekly show” on Sat.1, which laid the foundation for the entire career of the successful German comedian. He worked on this format from 1996 to 2001. In 2003 he switched to RTL. The show “Without Words,” which was produced for two seasons, even brought the comedian the Bavarian TV Prize in 2005 for his pantomime sketch work. His collaboration with Anke Engelke, for example on the Sat.1 production “Fröhliche Weihachten!”, Is unforgettable. Their Christmas parody even brought the two comedy stars the following awards in 2008:

  • Adolf Grimme Prize
  • German Comedy Award
  • Bavarian television award

In the meantime, Bastian Pastewka has cleared all the prizes that a German comedian can only covet in his home country. The first broadcast of his program “Pastewka” took place in 2005 on Sat 1 and ran there until 2014. Since 2018, the Comedy series “Pastewka” broadcast on Amazon Prime. In February 2019, the series was extended by a final tenth season, which aired in 2020. From his dubbing to his radio plays and his theater appearances: The German audience can look forward to a lot of the best entertainment from this man in the future.

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